What Men Want From Their Life Partner!

what men want

Men and women are currently at stalemate, emotionally.

Something is happening as women are not opening up to their men while men too are not prioritizing their women.

The reason why women are not opening to their men is because men are not providing their women with what they need at the same time, men refrain from doing so because women are not opening up. Therefore the distance between them increases.

But its never to late to understand what men want and start acting upon it, taking first step will not only improve your relationship but might as well give your spouse an idea of What Women Want. Here is a list of few basic needs of men.

what men want

Loving unconditionally

Conditions and demands are a big no for men of every nature; they prefer love that is unconditional. But many women make mistakes of demanding something in order to return the affection shown by men towards her.

Most men lead a boring and mechanical life making them frustrated and bored soon. All they want is a life that I unrestricted and unhindered. These conditions are often misunderstood to be barriers and obstacles and they may start looking for another partner.

Friendship And Communication

Men look for real time friendships and open communication between him and his partner. It is accepted by many men that rather than a female partner for sexual relationship, they prefer friendship that will last till the end. The friendship between the man and his woman enables a lifelong romance and enables the man to share everything with his partner with the help of active communication.

Couples who have greater amount of friendship between them have a greater chance that they will enjoy the company of each other. Long gone are the days where the man was the all-in-all authority of the family while the woman, his constant silent companion. These days relationships that have a great deal of friendship between the man and the woman stand till the end.


Love making unites the man and woman and also help them carry on with the relationship. There are many couples that fail to understand the role of lovemaking and sexuality in relationships. Sexuality acts as the universal harmonizer between men and women. It unites them in true love. There are many people who consider sexuality as a process of reproduction only. As a matter of fact, procreation is one of the effects of sexuality. The term love making in fact says everything.

Every relation must understand the importance of sexuality as without it relationships tend to break and become un-repairable. Male sexuality being dynamic, men are very much bound to it. The sexuality and desires are obviously different in both men and women, Men tend to be fast beginners while women are basically slow starters.  Understanding the differences in sexuality and love making between men and women help them deal with it more effectively. Men on one hand want sex more often while women on the other may not feel the need like men do.

Encouragement And Support

Support and encouragement are of utmost importance in every relationship. Every partner in a relationship has to support his/her better half.  Men are much addicted to support and encouragement. Female partners need to support and encourage their better half in every way possible. In every matter related to personal life as well as relationships, female partners must tune up and encourage their better halves.  Men expect adequate support from their partners in every matters and when they do not get this support they may think about another relationship where there is relatively more support from the other side.

Fidelity And Commitment

Men want uncompromised fidelity and commitment from their partner as they strive on the support. Men always want their partners to be supportive and nothing less. Also men may break down at the thought that their partners are less supportive and less committed. Women with a roaming eye are always unaccepted by men.

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