USA in Football World Cups

United States of America has a football or soccer National team which might not have reached a Football world cup final but it has given many memorable performances in its past appearances. Though United States team has been playing since 1885, it made its first official appearance on August 20, 1916 when it was fielded against Sweden and won by 3-2.FIFA World Cups USA

U.S also fielded its team in the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay which was the first world cup ever played. The team bet Belgium by 3-0 and then earned 3-0 victory over Paraguay. The 1932 Olympic Games did not have any official football match though in an informal match, the team finished first followed by Mexico and Canada. For the 1934 World Cup , the US team defeated Mexico by 4-2 and thus qualified for the tournament.

The Olympic soccer tournaments were then officially reinstated in the 1936 Olympic Games. Thereafter, United States made its next appearance on the international arena in the 1950 World Cup where it lost its first match against Spain by 3-1 but won against England by 1-0 in the next appearance.FIFA World Cups USA

The period from 1960s to 1980s was a tough time for United States Football team and it fared badly in most of the versions. The good times for U.S soccer team came in 1988 when FIFA named it as the host for the 1994 World Cup. The team was able to draw its first match against Switzerland by 1-1 in the tournament. Despite up and down in the tournament, US was able to make it to the knock out stage of the World cup.

1990 World Cup however was still not a very good one and the news of hosting the next world cup did not help much for the US National football team. It was battling the tough times of the past decade and it was left to the visionary ideas of Bob Gansler to lead the team during these challenging times. He did so and despite the key players Rick Davis and Hugo Perez being absent owing to injuries, the team tried to put up a fighting face. It however lost in all three group games to Austria, Italy and Czechoslovakia.

FIFA World Cups USA

The 1998 World cup was a worth forgetting moment for the National team since it lost all its group matches and was knocked out of the tournament. 2002 World cup appearance for the team was a face savior for the team as it was able the reach the quarterfinals, first time since 1930.

World Cup of 2006 was also not a good one for the team as it began with a loss of 3-0 against Czech Republic. It was eventually beaten by Ghana and was knocked out of the tournament. Based on its performance in the 2010 World Cup, USA was placed at 12th place from among 32 participants.FIFA World Cups USA

It also participated in the 2014 World Cup but could not come up with a commendable performace. Though United States football team has been able to make several impressive wins in other tournaments when it comes to World Cup, the performace of the team is not much impressive.
United States Soccer National team has participated in most of the versions of FIFA World cup except the 1938 variant when it withdrew from the tournament.

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