Unusual Foods of the World and Seafood

What do Drunken Shrimp, Surstromming, and Tuna Eyeball have in common? They are all considered delicacies somewhere in the world. While most people probably unusual foods of the world and seafood in their cookbooks too odd, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equal of a nightmare.

Therefore, before we dive into our culinary tour of some fairly odd food from around the world, you need to ask yourself just how much you really need to learn more about the eating habits of your fellow people.

Unusual Foods of the World and Seafood

Here is the list of some “unusual foods of the world and seafood”

1. Drunken Shrimp

 Drunken Shrimp

A favorite dish in parts of China, the fish are consumed alive but stunned in a powerful spirit before consumption. Additionally, it is popular in parts of america, but it includes an intermediary step called”cooking.”

2. Surstromming


A northern Swedish dish consisting of fermented Baltic herring, it is usually sold in cans such as the one above. While they are being sent, the cans occasionally bulge because of the ongoing fermentation. Naturally, it is usually eaten outdoors.

3. Sannakji


Like most eastern foods, that is served raw. Very raw. The chef dismembers a little octopus before your eyes and seasons the bits with sesame oil. Needless to say, that is if he can even strike them.

4. Tuna Eyeball

 Tuna Eyeball

Fairly cheap, these are available in most Japanese grocery stores for about $1. It tastes something like squid and must be boiled before consumption. Once more, do not forget to season.

5. Nakji


Very similar to Sannakji, this time the octopus is consumed whole. Like any of the other foods on this list, however, it does not come without its own dangers. The suckers on the octopus are known to adhere to the mouth and tongue presenting a choking hazard. There are numerous deaths reported every year because of this.

So these are the most unusual foods of the world and seafood. Let us know your list in the comment box.

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