Best & Top Honeymoon Destinations 2020

Honeymoon is that time of our life in which after a long wait and lots of emotional drama we get some space with our love and spend a few days or few weeks just to chill out. We compiled a list of Best & top honeymoon destination 2020.

No tension of new start of life, no family tension and also no friends. That time we spend only with our love and that is the most precious part of married life of the newlywed couple.

So are you thinking to make your honeymoon full of excitement and joyrides? And like most others you are helpless to decide which would be the conclusion of your search? Here is the answer to your queries.

Top Honeymoon Destination 2020

6. Los Angeles, California

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, one of the most fun loving cities in the whole world. L.A. is full of casinos, spa and many alluring places. These are the places which are most suited for romantic time alone where you spend your time in many recreational activities.

In L.A. you will easily get from a cheap lodge to a more expensive one. L.A. gives you your dream vacation with your spouse. You will also enjoy beaches here and view of the whole city from the Getty Center, and if your spouse likes shopping this city gives an added advantage.

5. Paris, France

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Paris

Undoubtedly, world’s most romantic destination for decades is Paris. In Paris you have the option of nominal inns to 7 star hotel, opt as per your budget. Paris has a different event for every season so choose your event and plan your honeymoon according to choice.

If you are not looking for any event Paris still has many places to amaze you. But one thing you should keep in mind while planning a trip to Paris, it is not at all an economical city please make your budget with a huge amount of money.

4. Gramado, Brazil

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Gramado

Gramado is one of the most romantic villages because it is situated on hills in the state of “Rio Grande Do Sul”. Apart from hills, you can enjoy waterfalls, forestry and wild animals here . There are many nearby cities in this region which you should visit one of them is “Caxias do sul” which is famous for their wines.

In fact Gramado is also famous for its chocolate stores and Christmas treat which you can have in any month of the year. Gramado is very reasonably priced and cost effective which gives it a slight advantage over the other options mentioned before.

Although it may not be a well know top honemoon destination 2020, but on these hills weather is very dreamy and you would love to be here when you spend an autumn afternoon here.

3. Mauritius, Republic of Mauritius

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Mauritius

Mauritius is a kind of region, which elucidates the word “beauty”. Mauritius is full of fascination. The most fascinated fact about this city is its “Mauritius Aquarium”. Mauritius is an island which is full of greenery and beaches. And flic-en-flac, the longest beach, looks beautiful with its clear blue water.

Mauritius is also an ultimate alluring location for shopaholics, which is famous for its handicrafts and they are available in each budget as well. Here you find many hotels which fit into budget category with full of luxury as well.

2. Athens, Greece

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Athens

Many of us listens about Athens as city of God in ancient times but thats not it, Athens is a very romantic city and some tourist spots that will blow your mind away.

To name a few you can visit Acropolis, Syntagma square. Athens is also famous for its rocking nightlife which satisfies all taste types. Shopping being another option here too.

1. Maldives, Republic of the Maldives

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Maldives, Republic of the Maldives

One of the top honeymoon destinations 2020. All the places, including Maldives are beautiful in daytime, but the true sparkle of Maldives is visible at night in Vaadhoo “the glowing blue water” of the ocean which can hypnotize everyone with its prettiness.

Maldives is not cheap at all you can easily find private islands resorts to stay if you have practically unlimited amount of money but budget traveller can also find a hotels or lodges luxury rooms. Maldives main attraction is its beaches but you also have place to visit like Male Friday Mosque, Islamic Centre etc.


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