Top Foreign Foods Loved By Americans!

German Food

For a diehard foodie, exploring cuisines from various countries is the most satisfying experience. Fortunately, America offers a host of options for such people who wish to satisfy their taste buds and also connect to their roots.

1. Italian FoodItalian Food in america

Italian food is popular throughout the world and America is no exception. You can experience Italian cuisine in any of the eateries across the country. Popular Italian dishes in America include Gnocchi, Orzo, Ravioli, Carbonara and not to forget the ever popular Italian Pizza.

2. Canadian FoodCanadian Food

Though Canada is located in vicinity of America, Canadian food too is quite popular throughout the country. Best Canadian dishes that you can try in America include Beaver Tails, Pate Chinois, Montreal Bagels and Butter Tart among host of others.

3. German FoodGerman Food

German cuisine is also available throughout eateries in America. Most of this came along with the German migrants and slowly became popular throughout. Popular German dishes in America are Sausages, Sauerkraut, Cabbage Rolls and Pretzels among others.

4. Mexican FoodMexican Food

Mexican cuisine is also very popular in America and you can find Mexican food with much ease throughout the country. Popular Mexican dishes in America are Tostadas, Pozole, Mole, Guacamole and Tamales among others.

5. French FoodFrench Food

American people have great appreciation towards quality food. This makes French cuisine much popular in America. Popular French food in America includes Foie Gras, Fondue, Escargot, and Gratins.

6. Indian FoodIndian Food

If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine in America, you have a variety of options. Popular Indian dishes in America include Chicken Makhani, Cauliflower Paneer Kofta and black bean biryani. You can taste any of these at multiple Indian restaurants that operate throughout America.

7. Irish FoodIrish Food

Ireland is much known for its potato production and undoubtedly Potato forms an important part of most of its dishes. Irish food too can be found in America with popular dishes being Battered sausage, Coddle, Irish stew and white pudding.

8. Chinese FoodChinese Food

Chinese food too is in much demand in America considering the fact that many Chinese have made United States their adopted home. Popular Chinese dishes that you can explore at any of the Chinese eateries in America include Kung Po Chicken, Moo Shu Pork and Sugar Vinegar Pork Loin.

9. Russian FoodRussian Food

Russian food is not that popular in America but you will get some Russian dishes in restaurants in major cities like New York. Popular among these are Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Solyanka Soup and Golubtsy.

10. Thai FoodThai Food

Food from South East Asia has always been popular in America and Thai food is no exception to this. Popular Thai dishes in America include Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Kuay Tiew and Som Tam.

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