Top 9 Qualities That Show You Are A Strong Woman

voice your opinion, girl gives her opinion, say what you want, women can say what they want

It is easy to spot a woman who’s smart and strong enough to handle things on her own. She who understands that world is a tough place to survive but she can. She is awesome and she can manage things on her own without being totally dependent on anyone. Yes, you are one of them, if you have these qualities:

1. You dress up for yourself/by yourself

Whether you have boyfriend or not, you choose to dress up the way you wish to. You like to shop with your girlfriend but don’t take much advice. You dress up all by yourself and for yourself only.

Dress up for yourself, by yourself, strong woman, signs of a strong woman

2. You don’t rely, you can buy your own car

Unlike those women who are weak and prefer marrying a rich guy to fulfill their wishes, you don’t need to do this. You have guts to challenge yourself and buy everything that you want.

Buying your own car, strong woman can buy own car

3. You don’t take shit from anyone 

You take charge of what you do. You know how to handle things whenever needed.

dont care, care a damn, woman take charge of what she does

4. You have an opinion on almost everything and you are not afraid to voice it

You know it might hurt a few but you are never afraid to voice your opinion because you have faith in whatever you say.

voice your opinion, girl gives her opinion

5. You are pretty clear about yourself

You might get confused on which dress to buy and end up buying both at a time, still you know what exactly you want.

clear about it, girl is clear about it, woman is clear about what she wants, strong women know what they want

6. You love to get pampered but don’t need a bodyguard

Just like any other girl, you love to get pampered but that pampering needs to limit somewhere. You can’t let anyone sit on your head and stay with you all the time on the name of protecting you.

dont worry, woman takes charge of everything, woman don't need bodyguard

7. You know how to manage your drinking

One of the most important qualities of a strong woman is to know how to manage her limits when it comes to drinking. You love to try everything but you know when to stop. You just can’t let anyone take an advantage.

hold the drink, woman knows how to handle her drinking, strong women know when to stop drinking, strong women can handle themselves

8. You know how to manage your finances

You love shopping and you are conscious about saving at the same time.

managing funds, strong women know how to manage funds, strong women can manage finances, money

9. You are good at multi-tasking

You are independent, you earn well and you manage your house as well. It’s just so easy for you. You are just ready for everything.

multi tasking, woman doing multi-tasking

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