Top 7 Things People Put On Their Bucket List!

Each one of us has distinct priorities. However, when it comes to prioritizing the ideas, many have clear indications on what they need to put on their bucket list. Below are listed top 7 things that people usually put on their bucket list.

1. Travel The WorldTop things on Bucket Lists - Travel around the world

Even though many of us do not get the chance to travel internationally, a hidden desire of many is to travel the world. People try to fulfil this desire by watching travel shows, reading literature and getting first hand information from friends who have had the opportunity to explore the world. Travelling the world remains the top most things that people put into their bucket list.

2. Learn How To Fly A PlaneTop things on Bucket Lists - Learn How To Fly A Plane

Fear of heights often stops us to venture high up in the skies. However, many among us have a hidden desire of learning on how to fly a plane. This desire however can cost you a fortune as joining a flying club does not come cheap. Many still have this desire and therefore learning to fly a plane is another of the bucket ideas people have on their list.

3. Audition For A Game ShowTop things on Bucket Lists - Audition For A Game Show

Game shows are a reality now and people often turn millionaires in these shows. Many among us have a desire to be part of any such game show and win worth and money alike. Easier said than done though, being chosen for a game show is a hard task. Many still desire to be a part of the show, hence this idea also figures in bucket list that people have for themselves.

4. Record An AlbumTop things on Bucket Lists - Record An Album

Though many of us do not have an ambient voice, the hidden desire of many is to record an album. Luckily for the bad singers among us, we don’t get a chance to do so, howsoever it does not stop us from having this desire being listed as one of the things we wish to do and achieve.

5. Open A RestaurantTop things on Bucket Lists - Open A Restaurant

Many of us wish to turn entrepreneurs and the first thought that strikes our mind is to open a restaurant and have our favourite cuisines prepared. It is a tough task though to run a restaurant and this requires utmost professionalism. This however does not stop people from thinking otherwise and many have opening a restaurant as one of the point in their bucket list.

6. Walking The Great Wall Of ChinaTop things on Bucket Lists - Walking The Great Wall Of China

Great Wall of China is a cherished monument. Millions of people visit the same every year and those who cannot secretly desire to walk through the Great Wall of China someday. The wall criss-crosses majority of the territory of China and many people who have not visited China cherish to include this in their wish list.

7. Riding A LimousineTop things on Bucket Lists - Riding A Limousine

Cars always attract all and nothing better if the same is a Limousine. Many among us have the desire to ride a Limousine, if not being able to buy the same. The luxury vehicle offers the best ride in the world and many have a hidden desire to get an opportunity to ride the same.

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