Top 7 Cocktails That You Must Try!

If you have ever been to Manhattan or have tried Negroni, you might know what a perfect cocktail means. However, there are a range of other cocktail options that you can should try if you wish to taste the real cocktail.

Below we list some of these cocktail variations and combinations that you must try if not tasted already.

7. Manhattan

Though the origin of this cocktail is not known with certainty, it was created around 1880s. The same was prepared by a combination of rye whisky, aromatic bitters and sweet vermouth.


6. Negroni

Negroni was created by Count Camillo Negroni when he substituted the club soda in Americano with gin. The cocktail came into existence in early 20th century and can be used in a private party as well as a social gathering.


5. Old Fashioned

The traditional definition of cocktail lists the same as a mixture of bitters, liquor, water and sugar. The cocktail by the name of Old Fashioned can be made with sweetener, any kind of bitters and sweets.

Old Fashioned

4. Irish Coffee

If you wish to experience caffeine and booze at the same time, not many options exist. However, this task can be accomplished with Irish coffee comfortably. This drink is known by name of Gaelic Coffee in old country.
Irish coffee is a blend made from Irish whiskey, brown sugar syrup, cream and coffee.

Irish Coffee

3. Sidecar

Sipping cognac neat is the new trend among drink lovers. However if you try this French spirit in citrus cocktail, cognac mixture, orange liqueur Cointreau and fresh lemon juice mix, you will get a unique taste.


2. Margarita

If you know how to make Margarita the correct way there is nothing better than it. The correct way of preparing the same is with quality tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur. It has been around since 1930s and still hogs the limelight.

1. Blood and Sand

If you were to listen to liquor experts they would say that Scotch should always be served neat with little or no water. The four ingredient cocktail as the Blood and Sand is made its first appearance in 1930.

This comprises of equal amount of sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering, Orange Juice and Scotch.

The next time you head to a party or a social gathering, try making any of the above listed cocktail combinations. You will surely become the best man at the party!

Blood and Sand

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