Top 7 Black Sand Beaches In The World

Beaches are the best place to relax, last week we compiled a list of top beaches of united states but here we have a list of a little off beat beaches i.e. the Black Sand Beaches.

1. Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

Best Black Sand Beaches - Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand’s stunning Muriwai Black Sand Beach is a 37-mile stretch of sparkling black sand. It’s a home to New Zealand’s largest colony of Gannet birds. The rich black colour is due to a mixture of several volcanic materials like titanium, iron, etc. Black sand beaches are typically a result of an island’s explosive volcanic past.

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2. Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Best Black Sand Beaches - Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Punaluu beach is the most famous black sand beach located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It has even acquired the nickname ‘Black Sand Beach’. The beach is surrounded by black sand that was created by lava from volcanoes flowing into the ocean and then cooling. It is easily accessible and covers a wide area. It’s great for snorkeling, coastal hikes, swimming or a nice picnic. You can often find on the beach, the endangered Hawksbill and Green sea turtles basking in the sun.

3. Kehena Beach, Hawaii

Best Black Sand Beaches - Kehena Beach, Hawaii

This isn’t the place to take your family for vacation, especially if you have young children as it is said to be a nude beach, though this is illegal in Hawaii. This beach is sometimes called Dolphin Beach as you will find dolphins here. You can even swim with these dolphins. Mostly people go there to just sit in the sand and enjoy the weather.

4. Black Sand Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska

Best Black Sand Beaches - Black Sand Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska

At this beach, you can see waterfalls, tidewater glaciers, green hillsides, and wildlife which you may not find at the zoo. You can’t fail to notice that the ten-thousand-foot peaks are reflected in the beautiful icy blue water. Kayaking is one of the most popular things to do at this beach.

5. Black Sand Beach, Lost Coast, California

Best Black Sand Beaches - Black Sand Beach, Lost coast, California

The Lost Coast of California is of the lightest traveled coasts which stretches 80 miles long. You can swim in this beach, but generally people don’t. You may not find much of crowd here, except for those that are hiking along the coast or stop to take pictures. This beach brings about an extremely mesmerising scene, with black sand, beautiful water and peaks all around it.

6. Vik Beach, Iceland

Best Black Sand Beaches - Vik Beach, Iceland

Vik Beach is located in the southern part of Iceland. Years back Vik Beach has been nominated as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. Since it’s the wettest village in Iceland, so you would want to make sure that you don’t go to the beach on a rainy day. Though this beach isn’t like other beaches where one can lie down and soak up some sun but it is definitely a marvel to see.

7. Oneuli Beach, Maui

Best Black Sand Beaches - Oneuli Beach, Maui

Oneuli Beach is one of the beaches in Hawaii which is probably not much crowded. The land is so great that you can even camp at this beach and even the water is great. Here you can plan and stay up for a few hours and can do boating, hiking, swimming and fishing. Kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling can also be done.

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