Top 7 Beaches of USA!

Best beaches in USA - Hawaii

Beaches are considered as the most popular and most fascinating destinations when we think about vacations. Beaches are serene have natural beauty along with the freshness surrounded by the sound of waves and playful sand at the seashore. So if you are planning a vacation here is the list of top beach destinations in USA on the basis of travelers from around the world.

1. MauiBest beaches in USA - Maui

Most of the tourists have admitted that diverse attractions and unforgettable geography are the major point of concern about deciding to visit Maui. But seeing the beaches on site they have claimed it to be the best of all beaches in the USA.

2. HawaiiBest beaches in USA - Hawaii

Next in the list is the Hawaii Island. It has been given the name as “Big Island” and it is because of its abundant offerings and so as the big beaches. One stand out feature of your holiday in Hawaii will be beach with green sand. Yes you read it write, come to Hawaii to play in green sand.

3. Honolulu-OahuBest beaches in USA - Honolulu-Oahu

Oahu is also one of the most popular travelling destinations in Hawaii. In Oahu you will find a many white sand beaches with very extraordinary shorelines and safe swimming spots especially considering the family point of view.

4. U.S. Virgin IslandsBest beaches in USA - U.S. Virgin Islands

If you are looking for any American beach holiday, then St. John’s beaches should not be missed. It offers plenty of water sports and alongside they are not crowded too.

5. Hilton HeadBest beaches in USA - Hilton Head

If you want to feel the luxury of royalty then you should pick one of these South Carolina beaches. One of the major attractions here is fabulous shopping and dining options which will definitely make you feel like a master of some kingdom.

6. Miami BeachBest beaches in USA - Miami Beach

Miami Beach has enough arrangements for both party hungry as well as relaxation seeking tourists. If you wish to party hard with the crowd you can go to one side and if you just want to relax yourself along the seashore in the sunshine the other side of the beach is where you belong. This is only destination in our list having mixed environment.

7. Cape CodBest beaches in USA - Cape codWe have heard Cape Cod mostly in the news and over the internet blogs because of the celebrity attractions. For the decades, it has been the best travel destination for the celebrities which makes it quite popular. The breezy seaside shows the glamour and peaceful relaxation provided by the musical waves on the shores.

Plan your vacation according to this list and we guarantee that you will chase us back to give your thanks after your most memorable journey.
Keep travelling, Keep enjoying!!!!!

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