Top 10 Youtube Channels To Follow!

Youtube is a rage among youth and kids alike. There are numerous Youtube channels that have created a niche category of audience who follow these earnestly. Below are listed 10 such Youtube channels that are the best.

1.) EdbassmasterBest YouTube Channels To Follow - ed-bassmaster

Edbassmaster’s first popular viral video was ‘Look at This Car”. Edbassmaster engages the general public in uncomfortable interactions and the fun of this Youtube channel is the enormous amount of curiosity it generated.

2.) DailyGraceBest YouTube Channels To Follow - Daily Grace

The endurance of DailyGrace makes her truly hilarious. The presenter is so engaged that she delivers five to seven new Youtube videos every week as compared to one or two that general presenters deliver. The ease with which she presents is unique and you simply feel that a friend is in place.

3.) BriTANicKBest YouTube Channels To Follow - BriTANicK

With the sketches being far and few, BriTANicK is another worthy Youtube channel to follow. Comedy episodes are well written and the ending is always well worked out.

4.) Epic MealtimeBest YouTube Channels To Follow - Epic Mealtime

As the name suggests, the channel deals with die heart foodies. The channel is extremely popular with those who love their food and the innovation shows every time in the presentation of the events and the way videos are designed.

5.) Epic Rap Battles of HistoryBest YouTube Channels To Follow - Epic rap Battles of History

The lyrics are hilarious and difficult to guess at the same time and this makes Epic Battles of History another popular Youtube channel to follow. The events leading to formation of America be it the history of Abraham Lincoln or the rise of Barack Obama, each of these has been elegantly defined in this channel.

6.) NigahigaBest YouTube Channels To Follow - Nigahiga

If there is any master of puns and wordplay, it is Nigahiga. This is one Youtube channel that children and elders in the family can view sitting together.

7.) DERRICK comedyBest YouTube Channels To Follow - DERRICK comedy

With Donald Glover, DC Pierson being the pioneers of popular comedy sketches on Youtube in DERRICK comedy, it is a real cause of concern that no video has been posted in this channel in the last two years. However, it still remains a much cherished Youtube channel.

8.) VitalyzdTvBest YouTube Channels To Follow - VitalyzdTv

The lead character of this Youtube channel is better known for his Miami Zombie Prank of 2012. However, he has does many such innovative pranks over time and this makes VitalyzdTv another popular Youtube channel.

9.) The Slow Mo GuysBest YouTube Channels To Follow - The Slow Mo Guys

The name is confusing indeed and it seems that everything goes in slow motion in this Youtube channel but things are otherwise and this is one popular Youtube channel.

10.) Bad Lip ReadingBest YouTube Channels To Follow - Bad Lip Reading

This is another Youtube channel that is immensely popular owing to the fact that it is also available in a game format and it is amusing indeed to see a Youtube version of a game.

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