Top 10 Unique Game Of Thrones Mugs That You Must Buy

Since the first time Game of Thrones aired back in 2011, it has created a great hype around the world. Everyone has been following the show in huge desperation. Those who were not following from the beginning were often found spending long hours to finish their episodes back to back while those who had already watched were eagerly waiting for season 8 to air. Finally the season is out already and is again getting much of the needed attention.

While you are busy watching the show, we thought may be we can surf around a bit and give you the list of some must have Game of Thrones goodies that would help you retain the GOT feeling at home and office. So, below is the list of Game of Thrones mugs that you must have:

1. Pacific Giftware Legends of The Swords Game of Sword Thrones Dragon Mug Tankard 

Game of thrones mug

This Game of thrones mug is made with a special designer quality substance composite resin. It is a hand painted product but completely washable. It’s an ideal gift for all the Game of thrones lovers out there.

Available on, priced at $27.99 or lower

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2. Game of Thrones House Stark Stein with Ceramic Base & Pewter Baratheon Crown Top

Game of Thrones House Stark Stein – 22 Oz Ceramic Base with Pewter Baratheon Crown Top

Experience the house stark with this amazing highly detailed ceramic beer mug. Embarked with “Winter is Coming” around, it’s an officially licensed product. This one is also hand painted. Real product might have a little variation in colour.

Available at, priced at $59.99

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3. Game of thrones house stark tankard


It’s again made of a special quality named resin and is hand painted but of course easily washable. It’s a 100% genuine merchandise with license as per so you can feel assured.
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4.Game of Thrones Inspired Special Beer Mug

Game of thrones mug

This game of thrones inspired mug is ideal for home and office use. Have a coffee in this amazingly designed mug and cherish your day.

Available at price at $22.50

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5. Game Of Thrones House Of Targaryen Stark Baratheon And Lannister Sigil Mug

Game of thrones mugs collection

Perfect option for a perfect Game of thrones fan. You can now have this officially licensed Game of Thrones ceramic tankard and drink to the great houses of Westeros. It’s made of ceramic, having Game of thrones logo placed right in the centre of both sides.

Available on, priced at $22.99

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6. Game of thrones stark house viking drinking horn mug wolf carved tankard

Game of thrones mugs


This amazingly designed viking drinking game of thrones mug is beautifully carved, polished and sealed so the look remains intact and product reaches you leak free. Every tankard is designed distinctively and if you’ll notice, you won’t find even one horn identical to the other.

Available at, priced at $33.40

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7. Tervis Game of Thrones Tumbler & Lid- For The Throne Insulated Travel

Game of thrones Coffee mug

This stainless steal game of thrones tumble is an ideal one for office use. You can easily carry your coffee to work or keep it with you so you can sip your hot coffee in your favourite tv show mug all day long

Available at, priced at $34.99

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8. Game Of Thrones inspired two tone quality ceramic mug 

Game of thrones mug

This game of thrones inspired high quality mug is built with ceramic and is highly durable. The art wok remains intact and won’t fade out after washing. It comes in a foam box protection to prevent any damages.

Available at, priced at $29.95

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9. Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming Big Coffee Cup 

Game of thrones coffee cup

Designed slightly different in shape, this big coffee or team mug inspired by game of thrones should come under your ideal possessions if you are a real game of thrones fan.

Available at, priced at $24.95

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10. Game of Thrones Inspired Ceramic Stein Mug Set of 2

Game of thrones mugs set

For couples or best friends, this one is an ideal set of 2 game of thrones inspired ceramic mug. It’s designed keeping in mind the kinds and queens Westeros. Get into the real feeling of Game of thrones.

Available at priced at $39.99

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Add them all to your creative Game of thrones collection and enjoy the season.

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