Top 10 Reasons People Give For Not Having Kids! #8 Is So Stupid!

do not want kids

After a point of time in marriage, it gets imperative to have kids. Children not only add worth to your life but make the home complete and fulfilling. Increasing number of couples are avoiding to have kids due to personal and professional reasons.
However funny and stupid these might sound these are the top 10 reasons people give to not have children.

1. Orphans Need Your Care

With several thousands of children living without parents, it becomes a common excuse for a partner in the relation to help out these orphan children rather than having own kids. They think that having own kids will bring unique set of problem which can be avoided if orphan children are cared for.Not Having Kids - Orphans Need You

2. Less Lives Dependent On You

With no kids around, fewer lives will be dependent upon you and you will be able to lead your life more comfortably and without the tension of spending on your children and family matters.

3. Doctors Can Treat Patients More Effectively

If there are no kids in the family, the need of going to hospital for pregnancy and child care issues will not be required. This way the doctors can pay attention to other patients and can serve them in a better manner.

4. Reduces Competition Among Children

With no or less number of children, the competitive instinct among children will not develop and your house will be peaceful. In the absence of kids, the situation is even better and you can carry out your important tasks effectively.not having kids - competition in children

5. You Cannot Judge Future For Kids

With increasing competition in every field, the future is bleak for an average child. In the absence of kids, you will not have to think on these issues and can instead live your life more peacefully and happily.

6. The World Has Enough People

The population of world has increased immensely in the past few decades. It would be a good thought to not have kids and live a peaceful life and instead contribute by working honestly in your professional life.

7. Planet Is About To Die

The increasing pollution and population is already burdening the earth and natural calamities can happen any day. It is not a good idea to have kids and risk their future live instead.

8. You Will Not Be Contributing To World Problems

Future is never in your hands and you never know if your child becomes a terrorist or a criminal when he or she grows up. Instead, by not having kids, the future will be safe and you will not be contributing to destabilization of world not want kids

9. Your Flaws Will Be Inherited

You have lot of bad habits and it is but natural that your kids will inherit your flaws and bad habits. By not having kids, you will be able to avoid all such issues that might come up at some point.

10. You Do Not Want To Be Like Your Parents

A lot of people are disappointed with where they are today and they blame their parents for that and when the discussion comes about having kids they simply say that they do not want to be like their parents and thus are not planning to have kids.

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