Top 10 Party Destination In The World!

Top party Destinations in the world - Ibiza, Spain party

Have party on mind? The world is your playground and you can head to many locations that are spread out throughout the world. Below we list 10 best party destinations in the world. Pack your bags and get going.

1. Cancun, Mexico
Top party Destinations in the world - Cancun, Mexico crazy parties

The craziest parties of the lot happen in Cancun in Mexico. Party goers head here during summer months and pubs and bars are almost full to the brim here, all the while. Cancun is home to many all-inclusive resorts and you can expect unlimited drinks.

2. Ko Pha Ngan, ThailandTop party Destinations in the world - Full-Moon-Party-koh-phangan

This party happens only for a limited period and that too on full moon nights at Ko Pha Ngan, an island in Thailand. The island though does not have an airport and you need to approach the same through a ferry.

3. Rio de Janerio, BrazilTop party Destinations in the world - Rio de Janerio, Brazil Street parties

The largest carnival parade is held in Rio de Janerio making it another ideal party destination. Street parties are very common during this carnival that attracts millions of party goers every year.

4. Ios, GreeceTop party Destinations in the world - Ios, Greece party

A small island located between Mykonos and Santorini, Ios is another popular party destination. Its location on a hill top also adds to the elegance of this small island which has many wine shops where you can get the best of the wine in the world.

5. Ibiza, SpainTop party Destinations in the world - Ibiza, Spain party

Ibiza is popularly referred to as the dance music capital of the world, more so due to the fact that tourist can be found drinking here throughout the day during summer months and DJ’s enthral these party goers during the nights.

6. Beirut, LebanonTop party Destinations in the world - Beirut, Lebanon party

A beautiful coastal city, Beirut is live from mid day until next morning for most part of the year. The specialty of Beirut is its multiple rooftop cafes that add much vibrancy to the atmosphere.

7. Las Vegas, USATop party Destinations in the world - Las Vegas, USA party

The most lively and spectacular night clubs in North America are found in Las Vegas making it a perfect party destination for visitors to the region. The best of the DJs perform in Las Vegas during weekends and the experience in this city would be unique for any party goer.

8. Mallorca, SpainTop party Destinations in the world - Mallorca, Spain

A unique aspect about Mallorca is that you will find party goers from all over the world including Sweden, Britain, Australia, France and Germany here. With a multiple of cheap flights available to Mallorca, this island in Spain is slowly becoming popular.

9. New Orleans, USATop party Destinations in the world - New Orleans, USA  Mardi Gras  party

The constant circus atmosphere in New Orleans has made it immensely popular in USA. The annual festival of Mardi Gras adds elegance to the ambiance and locals and tourists participate alike in the festival.

10. El Tunco, El SalvadorTop party Destinations in the world - El Tunco, El Salvador party

Surfers, backpackers and locals alike seem to be in party mode all the while in El Tunco, a small town in El Salvador which is slowing emerging on the party circuit. Beer is extremely cheap here and you can get the same for one dollar.

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