Top 10 Oil Painting Tips To Know If You Love To Paint!

Painting is a refined form of art expression. While there are numerous kinds of painting styles, oil painting holds its distinct impression. Below are listed top 10 oil painting tips that one must follow in order to create a masterpiece.

  • Use underpainting or fast drying white

A problem that painters come across is the fact that paints tend to mix when they are used one above the other. If oil painting tips are to be followed in such cases using white paint over the classical titanium white is likely to solve this problem. This technique is known as fast drying white and always gives the best results.

  • Thin Line Enigma in oil painting

Achieving thin lines with oil paints is often a difficult task and following some basic oil painting tips will help you get rid of this problem.  In cases where the oil lines are very thin, acrylics can be used on top of dry oil.

  • Toning the Canvas

Following the oil painting tips can help you come up with the best results. In cases when the painting appears too warm, toning the background in cool colours always helps.

Oil painting tips

  • Conveying Volume with thick paste application

Oils help in creating a thick impasto which usually gives a three-dimensional look. To make it appear livelier, you can apply thick paint in the foreground and use thinner variant as the planes recede so that a thinner layer remains in the distant background.

  • Using a dry brush to create texture

Another among oil painting tips is to graze the brush and hold it horizontally so that the bottom surface is tickled as it is dragged in different directions.

Oil painting tips

  • Working on a dry canvas

You can also work on dry paintings while doing oil painting. Add a thin layer of liquid and the paint will melt in, thus softening the edges to your taste.

  • Use professional quality paints and save on the canvas

You can also prepare your own painting canvases with the help of oil paints and this will always leave out protruded little bumps which are similar to linen. You can use birch wood for the board and can use the saved amount in buying professional paints.

  • Vary colours and bring out the best

You can mix the colours on your palette till the time you neutralise the saturation. You can then wipe the brush dry and double load the same. Applying pressure while squeezing the paint out will bring out the subtle colour variations in each of the strokes.

  • Creating mist for depth

You can use zinc white to create that unique mist in your paintings. This will help create a unique impression that will make the oil painting look worthy.

  • Using thumb to blend

Using your fingers and thumb occasionally also brings out the best out of oil paintings. As the fingers have nerves, amply right amount of pressure can also be used to smudge lines in the exact way as you want them.

Follow the above-listed oil painting tips and you will definitely come up with a unique masterpiece.

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