Top 10 Mystical Places To Visit In England

St’ Nectan’s Glen

England as a country is as mystical as it is exquisite. You will find numerous tales of glory here. However, this magical land has much to explore and offer to anyone who desires to visit it.

1.) TintagelTintagel, England

Tintagel lies on north coast of Cornwall and is famous as the place where the legendry events in history of England took place. According to legendary tales, King Arthur was born here and his castle ruins can still be found here.

2.) GlastonburyGlastonbury, England

Glastonbury is much popular for its annual music festival. It is also believed that Jesus Christ has also visited this place. It is also home to the legendary Isle of Avalon and King Arthur was laid to rest here.

3.) Margate’s Shell GrottoMargate’s Shell Grotto

Margate’s Shell Grotto has a historic tale associated with it. In 1835, Kent a small boy was lowered into a shell in the ground where his father was digging. The small boy found a set of passageways and rectangular chambers underneath and until date no one has been able to know on who constructed these artefacts’.

4.) StonehengeStonehenge

Many mythological tales have been associated with the origin of this place. A legend points that Merlin; a wizard got a giant to design it for him. Though no one knows why the henge was designed but over a million people visit it every year.

5.) Chanctonbury RingChanctonbury Ring, England

An Iron Age hill fort in West Sussex, Chanctonbury Ring has a superstition associated with it. It is said that if anyone runs backward of the hill for seven times, the devil will come around. Though no one knows the truth of this story, yet many people continue to visit the Chanctonbury Ring every year.

6.) Cheddar Gorge Cheddar Gorge, England

Cheddar Gorge is credited to be the largest gorge in England and is the place where the oldest complete skeleton in Britain was found in 1903. The gorge is captivating visually too and many tourists come over to the place.

7.) PuzzlewoodPuzzlewood, England

Puzzlewood is an apt name for the place as its distinct puzzle like rock formations have created a unique impression. Around 3,000 Roman coins were found here in 1848 when workman struck gold while working in small rock crevices.

8.) St’ Nectan’s GlenSt’ Nectan’s Glen

St’ Nectan’s Glen was a sacred place during King Arthur’s time but has lost its sheen over time. However many people do come here and pay offerings in form of ribbons and photographs.

9.) Chapel of St. PeterChapel of St. Peter

This chapel in South East England is nearly 1,400 years old and is the country’s oldest church. The chapel was build in 654 AD and many pilgrims visit here every year. The serene location of this place is so charming that people come here in large numbers.

10.) North Yorkshire MoorsNorth Yorkshire Moors

If you are interested in exploring the rich floral diversity of England, a visit to North Yorkshire Moors is highly recommended. Some of the trees here are even 1,000 years old and botanists and nature lovers come over here in large numbers.

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