Top 10 Most Obscure Jobs! Can Not Believe Number 10 Is Real

top 10 most obscure jobs - Paint Dry Watcher

People around the globe are doing many odd jobs that we can rarely think about. These range from wrinkle chasers to Professional Sleepers. Below we list 10 such obscure jobs from around the world that will amaze and excite you at the same time.

1.) Professional Queuertop 10 most obscure jobs - Professional Queuer, an American company provides this service for $36 per hour. This service is extremely popular among working professionals who cannot waste time standing in queues daily. If you need to wait in a long bank line, rely on professional Queuer for now.

2.) Professional Cuddlertop 10 most obscure jobs - Professional Cuddler

This service is quite common in Japan and North America where the population of singles is on the rise. These Cuddlers will provide you with companionship and all the required personal attention, in case you are among those who do not have time for love and friendship.

3.) Paint Dry Watchertop 10 most obscure jobs - Paint Dry Watcher

Paint Dry Watchers are also in demand and paint companies enrol them for the fact that they have a keen eye to judge as to when any particular wall paint will dry out. These paint dry watchers not only conduct various tests but also see that if any particular kind of paint suits the wall.

4.) Human Alarm Clockstop 10 most obscure jobs - Human Alarm Clocks

This would be like a real person arriving on your doorsteps to check if you have arisen well in time for any important assignment. This service is also much in demand considering the fact that working professionals have busy work schedule and cannot rely much on alarm clocks only.

5.) Hangover Helpers Party Cleanerstop 10 most obscure jobs - Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners

For only $20, these hangover helpers will ensure that things are in place after you have finished the party. They not only clean up the mess but also ensure that you have the necessary antidotes for getting rid of the hangover.

6.) Professional Bed Warmerstop 10 most obscure jobs - Professional Bed Warmers

These professional bed warmers are engaged to warm the beds prior to the arrival of the guest, so that the guests have a comfortable sleep. The temperature of 20 to 24 degree Celsius is thought to be appropriate for a sound sleep and these professional bed warmers do that only.

8.) Professional Sleeper

top 10 most obscure jobs - Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleepers are hired by leading hotels to check the quality of their rooms and beddings. The only work that a professional sleeper should know is to sleep well. Does this job suit your taste!

9.) Human Mannequinstop 10 most obscure jobs - Human Mannequins

The job is tough indeed as the human Mannequins are required to stand still at a place for several hours without moving. Next time when you visit the store, do not be surprised if the Mannequin as moved an inch, for it could be a human Mannequin.

10.) Wrinkle Chaserstop 10 most obscure jobs - Wrinkle Chasers

Wrinkle Chasers make around $19,000-$49,000 a year by ironing wrinkles on shoes. They use only a hard iron and a hair dryer for the same. Next time when you need to iron out those wrinkles from your precious shoes, consider hiring a professional wrinkle cleaner.

7.) Sex Toy Testertop 10 most obscure jobs - Sex Toy Tester

Sex Toy Testers charge around $39,000 a year for testing various sex toys before they get launched worldwide. The services of these sex toy testers are engaged to see if these sex toys have been designed to perfection and give comfort to the users.

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