Top 10 Most Momentous Protests Ever!

most momentous protests in history - Occupation of Wall Street

At times things do not go the way you had wished them to be. This could be a local state level protest or something that has shaken the national conscious. Many such important momentous protests have taken place throughout the world that has changed the political and social alignments throughout the globe.
Below are listed top 10 of the momentous protests that have ever taken place.

1. Occupation Of Wall Streetmost momentous protests in history - Occupation of Wall Street

The latest in the series was held in September 2011 and called for politicians to come clear from the influences that big business houses have on them. The protest began with 200 people setting up at a camp at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan and they held protests march in which over 15,000 people participated.
Though the protesters were evicted by November 15th, they did have an impact on the social conscious of the political parties in United States.

2. War Protests In Iraqmost momentous protests in history - War Protests in Iraq

The war protests were coordinated in over 600 cities across the globe and were primarily to showcase the suffering in Iraq war. As a part of this protest around 3 million people marched in Rome on February 15th, 2003 with 1 million people joining them in London.
1.5 million People marched in Madrid to express anguish against the impending war in Iraq which still happened and resulted in loss of millions of precious lives.

3. Vietnam War Protestsmost momentous protests in history - Vietnam War Protests

The protest started in December 1964 when folk singer Joan Baez led a demonstration of 600 people. This protest continued even as the Vietnam War was at its peak. Though the demonstration did not have any effect on War but it did highlight the issue and gave birth to a new army of activists.

4. The Miners Strikemost momentous protests in history - The Miners Strike

The miners’ strike of 1984 is another worth mentioning incident. In Britain to get rid of the impending recession, the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to close down many coal mines. This led to a huge protest from miners and went for a year.
Later the Government had to agree to demands of miners but this incident left a lasting impression on industrial relation management issues in Britain.

5. Salt Satyagrahmost momentous protests in history - Salt Satyagrah

This was an important event in Indian Freedom Struggle when Mahatma Gandhi marched 240 miles to make his own salt. This was in defiance to the law passed by British Government which had forbidden Indians from making their own salt. Thousands accompanied Mahatma Gandhi and the protest was covered widely.

6. Tiananmen Squaremost-momentous-protests-in-history-Tiananmen-Square

This was one of the most ruthless oppression of peaceful protesters who had gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. The Chinese Army brought in tanks to crush the protests and in the firing thousands of students lost their lives. Due to ban on free press in China, the exact number of those killed was never known.

7. Self Immolation By Thich Quang Ducmost-momentous-protests-in-history-Self-Immolation-by-Thich-Quang-Duc

This incident occurred on June 10, 1963 when in protest against the Vietnamese Catholics who did not allow Buddhists fly their flags on Buddha’s Birthday; a monk immolated himself while meditating. While others around him cried in horror, the monk was silent throughout the ordeal.

8. The French Revolutionmost momentous protests in history - The French Revolution

This protest by French peasants occurred in 18th century when they rose up against Queen Marie Antoinette who was an autocrat. The rebels stormed Bastille prison and beheaded the Governor. The queen too met the same fate and a new revolution was born in France.

9. The March On Washingtonmost-momentous-protests-in-history-The-March-on-Washington

This was a momentous march by Black community in United States who wanted to be treated on equal terms. The march was led by Martin Luther King and he gathered 300,000 people who arrived in Washington on August 27, 1963. The civil rights act was eventually passed in 1964 and the Black community got their due.

10. Stonewall Protestsmost momentous protests in history - Stonewall Protests

The incident began on a small note on June 28th, 1969 when New York City police raided a gay bar. The violence flared up and gay population in thousands came to support their community.
This was a significant moment in gay history in United States and the world noted their presence significantly.

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