Top 10 Most Followed Sports In The World!

Playing sport is a very good exercise for your body and soul. Sports are great for physical upbringing but we all know sports give us many other qualities as well like “teamwork”. In today’s scenario, it’s really a big challenge to work with people in sync, but sport teaches us this quality. Now if you want to know about top most sports in the world, then we have the answer to your question, here we have compiled a list of top 10 sports on the basis of fan following

10. GolfMost popular sports in the world - Golf

We all know Golf as the most luxurious game. This is Because the equipment costs not in 100s, not in 1000s but in tens of thousands. But love is love, it may go beyond the limit. People love Golf from the bottom of their heart that’s why it scores rank 10 on our list. It has more than 390 million all over the world, but it is most popular in the US, Canada and Europe.

9. RugbyMost popular sports in the world - Rugby

Rugby is a kind of football, which as per the saying, was developed by Rugby school. It also has two types, Rugby league or Rugby union. People’s love for rugby is unconditional and it helps in securing them 9th position for their beloved game. Most of the Rugby follower belongs to France, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

8. BaseballMost popular sports in the world - Baseball

Baseball is played with bat and ball. It’s a team game with nine players each. The Player has to come back to home plate after crossing first, second and third plate in a clockwise square. It has around 500 million or more fans around the world. With this many fans, it is ranked no. 8. Baseball lovers are basically from US, Japan, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

7. Table TennisMost popular sports in the world - Table Tennis

Table Tennis also named as Ping Pong is an indoor game. It is played on a hard table, small bat and a bouncy plastic ball. It may be played in single or double. People seriously fall for table tennis around the world, which is proved because it has around 850 million fans which make it 7th most followed sport.

6. VolleyballMost popular sports in the world - Volleyball

The sixth most followed sport is Volleyball which has also evolved as a popular beach game. It’s a team game with six players each. It’s also a part of the summer Olympic Games since 1964. It has 900 million followers around the world, but is most famous in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

5. TennisMost popular sports in the world - Tennis

Tennis, also known as Lawn Tennis to be differentiated from Table Tennis is an outdoor game which may be played in single or in double. Players use racket and a special type of rubber ball known as tennis ball. The Ground(or Court) is divided in two parts with the help of the net. It has around 1 billion devotees all over the world and is ranked no. 5 in the list. Tennis is followed mainly in Europe, America and Asia.

4. HockeyMost popular sports in the world - Hockey

It’s a team game which has 11 players on each side. 10 are field players while one is goalkeeper. It is played using special sticks known as hockey sticks and a ball. The aim is to put the ball through the goal using the sticks and without contact of any body part while goalkeeper can use his body to stop the ball. It has two major types of field hockey and ice hockey. It is ranked as the 4th most followed sport in the world. Its most famous in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

3. BasketballMost popular sports in the world Basketball

It’s also a team game with five players in each team. The Players have to drop a ball through a ring that is placed at 10 feet above the ground. with 2.5 billion followers basketball is ranked number 3 in the world, but majority of the fans belong to the US, Canada, China and Philippine.

2. CricketMost popular sports in the world - Cricket

It’s a team game with 11 players on each side. But like Baseball not all are on the field at the same time. 11 players from the fielding side along with two from the batting side play at one time. It has 3 major formats T20, Test or One day. A very few countries play this game at the highest level but still tts ranked 2nd with 3 billion plus devotees from all over the world. Most of the followers are from UK, Australia, Asia, parts of Africa and The Caribbean.

1. Soccer or Football
Most popular sports in the world - Soccer or FootballWith no surprise, Football is the most popular game and tops the list. This game has around 4 billion lovers all over the world, Baring Australia which has a little less following for this game, this game is followed hugely by fans in all other continents. This is game is like hockey but the players do not have a stick and use their feet or head to control the ball.

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