Top 10 Futuristic Societies!

Futuristic societies we wish were true - The Matrix

Mankind has evolved over the past century with many futuristic interventions and inventions being done. However, there could be many more scientific inventions which if would have become a reality would change the face of human society.
Below are listed 10 such futuristic societies that could have well changed the face of earth, if these would have become a reality.

1.) Brave New World
Futuristic societies we wish were true - brave new world

The concept of “Brave New World” in Aldous Huxley’s is based on the pre assumption that babies would grow in hatcheries and conditioning centres. The concept of family and relationship is also a myth in “Brave New World” something which is beyond comprehension.

2.) MatrixFuturistic societies we wish were true - The Matrix

The concept of Matrix is based on super human power and the computer aided “Agents” fly through air, dodge bullets and do acts that are generally unthinkable. Matrix is more of a mind game and the idea was much appreciated by the audience who viewed this 1999 hit movie.

3.) Battlestar GalacticaFuturistic societies we wish were true - Battlestar Galactica

This concept is based on man’s trips to space. In Battlestar Galactica, people live in faraway planets that are known by the name of “The Colonies”. The religious beliefs of the dwellers of these colonies are very distinct and Battlestar Galactica presents an aesthetic mix of past and future.

4.) Logan’s RunFuturistic societies we wish were true - Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run is based in 23rd century with its dwellers leading a contented life in a giant dome shaped structure. All people in Logan’s Run wear a crystal on their hand. The movie is also available in a novel version and it is up to you to choose the creative medium in which you wish to see it.

5.) Judge DreddFuturistic societies we wish were true - Judge Dredd

The series is based in circa 2099 and people in Judge Dredd live in apartment blocks of 50 with some living in mo-pads owing to housing shortage. Much of Judge Dredd gets however destroyed in a nuclear attack by the Soviets in 2104.

6.) Total RecallFuturistic societies we wish were true - total recall

This 1990 movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and was set in the Earth of 2084. Mars has been colonized in Total Recall and the director had shown visionary approach by showing the future in a realistic manner.

7.) 1984Futuristic societies we wish were true - 1984

3 superpowers fight here to show their supremacy and in this movie a single man questions the state that leads to its downfall. The series tried to portray the future as envisaged here but it somehow failed to realize its objective.

8.) Wall-EFuturistic societies we wish were true - Wall-E

In this series, garbage gets stacked in large heaps and Earth gets rendered unusable. Wall-E, a robot comes to save Earth and succeeds to a large extent in its endeavour.

9.) Clockwork OrangeFuturistic societies we wish were true - Clockwork Orange

The society in general is run by some unruly people who threaten people with their unusual look wearing bowler hats and codpieces. The publication was made into a movie but did not do well.

10.) Back to the FutureFuturistic societies we wish were true - Back to the Future

The movie will certainly leave you grasping for more as Pizzas come in dried form and get rehydrated in seconds, thanks to the unique atmosphere. This iconic movie also featured the characters wearing zero gravity boots that was something unique to the core.

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