Top 10 Currencies By Value!

Strong Currencies of the world

US Dollar is thought to be the strongest currency, and why not, around  85% of the world’s foreign exchange transactions in the world happen in $ but is it the most valued currency. It may be a surprise for most of the people but it does not even feature in Top-10 currencies in the world when we see the exchange rates. Here is the list of the Top Valued currencies from around the world.

#10 – Swiss Franc – 100 CHF = $102.81

The only version of Francs still being issued in Europe, The Swiss franc, is the legal tender and currency of Liechtenstein and of course Switzerland.

#9 – Cayman Islands Dollar – 100 KYD = $121.95

This Island is an offshore financial center and does not have any direct taxation with hundreds of mutual funds, banks and insurers.

#8 – European Union Euro – 100 EUR = 123.92

In february 2012 Euro surpassed dollar in terms of the highest circulated currency when calculated total worth of the notes and coins. It is also the second largest traded currency and fares quite good in comparison to $

#7 – Azerbaijani Manat – 100 Manat = $127.49

After attaining independence from the Soviet Union, and getting over the internal conflicts finally Azerbaijan’s future looks bright It has started growing its interactions with the western countries and possess large oil reserves which are sure to work in its favour.

#6 – Jordanian Dinar – 100 JOD = $140.89

Unlike other middle eastern countries Jordan lacks crude oil and is not also very good in water resources but this kingdom has one thing to boast about a strong currency.

#5 – UK Pound Sterling – 100 GBP = $158.30

Sterling is not only the fifth highest valued currency but also is the fourth largest in terms Foreign Exchange transactions after United States’ Dollar, the Euro and Japanese Yen which makes it quite strong.

#4 – Latvian Lats – 100 LVL = $196.35

Though Latvia has started phasing out the Lat for Euro, but still Lat remains much above Euro.

#3 – Omani Rial – 100 OMR = $259.71

No offence but African countries are generally considered as poverty stricken with least valued currencies, but this is not the case infact Omans currency is the third highest valued currency.

#2 – Bahraini Dinar – 100 BHD = $265.23

Bahrain has a great value for their money and world knows it, that is why it is one of the work destinations that people prefer over United States.Their industry relies on construction, financial services but the major chunk is in production and refining of petroleum products.

#1 – Kuwaiti Dinar – 100 KWD = $342.90

Kuwait’s currency enjoys the boasting rights for being the highest placed currency in the world due to large scale oil production.


*List as per the exchange rates on November 7 2014

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