Top 10 Cheese To Make Delicious Pizzas!

Cheese is an important component of pizza. Numerous varieties of cheese exist with some being soft while others are semi firm. Though many of the cheeses variety can be used for making pizza, certain of these find favour with pizza makers.

Top 10 Cheese for Pizza - Pizza stufed with cheese

1. Mozzarella

This cheese is traditionally prepared from milk of Italian buffalo. It has its origin in South Italy. Though the colour of fresh mozzarella is white, it could change to slight yellow which depends on the diet, the buffalo has taken. This semi solid cheese variant has a fat content of 22% and is semi solid in texture.

2. Provolone

Provolone has its origin in Casilli near Vesuvius in Italy. Owing to its semi hard texture it is considered an ideal choice for making pizzas. Provolone needs four months for aging and is produced in shapes varying from ten to fifteen cm.

Top 10 Cheese for Pizza - Grated Cheese

3. Monterey Jack

An American semi hard cheese, Monterey Jack is traditionally made using cow’s milk. It is aged for one month before being put to commercial use while another of its variant is aged for over six months. Monterey Jack is recommended for making pizzas as also as a medicine for those suffering from migraine.

4. Feta

Feta is traditionally a brined curd white cheese that is prepared from sheep’s milk or ideally from a mixture of sheep and goat milk. It has its origin in Greece and requires an aging time of minimum three months.

5. Ricotta

An Italian whey cheese, Ricotta is ideally prepared from Sheep’s milk as also from cow and goat milk. Originally Ricotta is made from whey and small amount of milk is also added to the same. It can be used fresh or aged up to a year depending upon its commercial usage.

Top 10 Cheese for Pizza - Cheese on Pizza

6. Gruyere

It is a hard yellow cheese that has been named after Gruyere town in Switzerland. This cheese is not pasteurised and is prepared from cow’s milk. The aging time is ideally five to twelve months and Gruyere is used widely in pizza making across the world.

7. Parmesan

Parmesan is preferred in pizza making for its hard granular nature. It is made from cow’s milk and is not pasteurised. The aging time is minimum 12 months and owing to its preferential use for commercial operations, it is also known as king of cheese.

8. Comte

Comte has its origin in France and is prepared from unpasteurised cow milk. This semi hard cheese has an aging period of 8-36 months and is made in flat circular discs. The cheese is named after Comte town in France and is very popular for pizza making and other commercial uses.

Top 10 Cheese for Pizza - Pizza With Feta Cheese

9. Chevre

Chevre is the French name for goat and refers to Chevre cheese which is prepared from goat’s milk. It is prepared the world over now but ideally had its origin in France. This cheese is soft initially but hardens when exposed to heat.

10. Gorgonzola

Veined Italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola is prepared from unskimmed cow’s milk. It has been prepared traditionally for over centuries in Gorgonzola in Milan. The pasteurized cheese is made from cow’s milk and has an aging time of three to four months.

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