Tips To Avoid Bad Hair Day!

avoid bad hair day

Having problems in managing the hair? While we take care to ensure that our hair remains in best of their health, it is a reality that hair breakage does occur. Managing this hair loss to avoid a bad hair day is not a tough task if care on below-listed aspects is taken.

5. Conditioning at Bedtime

Conditioning the hair while you are asleep is the best way of avoiding a bad hair day. It is obviously better to condition the hair, a night before, as this conditioning cannot be done while you are experiencing a bad hair day.

To do so, you can put on the regular hair conditioner before you call off for the day. A deep conditioner can also be tried. The next morning, the hair can be rinsed through using a shampoo is not advocated.

avoid bad hair day

4. Drying Effect

The ways hair is dried also have a significant impact in reducing the incidence of bad hair day. A dryer can be used to dry the hair though men do not prefer using this technique and it is more common with ladies. However, air drying the hair is an effective way of avoiding a bad hair day. Once it is tried, the hair will dry sooner and you have a fresh look for the day ahead.

3. Sleep on Silk

Sleeping on silk also helps in preventing a bad hair day. This, however, does not mean that the entire linen needs to be of silk. You will only need to silk pillow case to offer support to the head. Silk should be used as a cotton pillow case always takes away the moisture from the hair while silk is not equally absorbent as cotton. A satin pillowcase can also be used as it keeps the hair moisturised.

2. Don’t wash off daily

This might surprise you but washing off the hair on daily basis also takes away the moisture out of them. To maintain that elegant balance of moisture in the hair, it will be better that you wash the hair after a gap of one day.

avoid bad hair day

1. Using products available at home

There is a range of products available at our home which can be used to maintain the health of hair. A dryer sheet, for instance, can be used to get rid of static electricity that the hair strands have. If the hair feels fizzy, hand lotion common used can also be rubbed on the hair strands.

For oily hair, rubbing some baby oil on the hair will provide the much-needed dryness. A mix of lemon juice and baking soda can also be used to maintain the elegance of the hair.

Trying all these tips will definitely help in avoiding a bad hair day and will certainly make heads turn when you pass by.

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