This Is Why Some People Choose To Remain Single

Single and happy

You must have come across people who are single and lonely. You might think that such people might be feeling lonely but it could be your assumption also. Below we list the reasons as to why some people choose to remain single.

Single and happy5. Such people feel happy being single

You might have head people saying that I am lonely and single and yet happy. This is true in case of people who choose to remain single. They have created their own world and remain confined to the limits of this world. Neither are they worried about raising a family and therefore feel happy being single.

4. They work on themselves

Being single and lonely gives the opportunity of working on themselves to such people. They feel that by remaining single they will be able to work on themselves and remove the shortcomings they encounter in life in a better way. Such people therefore take pride in remaining single and feel happy and contended about this decision.Single and happy

3. They want dedicated time for themselves

It is true that when a person enters family life, the tag of single and lonely does not apply to them. However, people who prefer to remain single in life want dedicated time for themselves and they feel that by not entering into family life they will be able to devote quality time to make their life better. This feeling motivates them to remain single throughout their lives.

2. They are not in favor of serious commitments

People who prefer to remain single are not in favor of having serious commitments in life. Such people prefer to deal with life as it comes and do not wish to engage in serious discussions on issues which confront those who are married. Moreover, such people find being and feeling lonely a privilege and are happy about their single status.

1. Such people might have had bad experiences in past

People who remain single might do so because they had some bad experiences in past and wish to not entangle in such situations in their present. This encourages them to lead a life of solitude and they are very happy and contented in doing so.Single and happyBeing single is a choice and it should ideally be left to the individual to decide. Increasing number of people are now deciding to remain single and live life as it comes.

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