This Is Why First Love Is So Special

First Love is special

First love is always special for us and howsoever hard we might try, it is not possible for us to get over the same.

6. You experience the feeling for the first time

The feeling for getting in love for the first time is indeed special and it is so intense that you will never be able to get over it. Years later when you sit down and think about the same, you will feel the freshness in the air around.
First Love is special

5. Memories will last forever

Even if you try hard to forget your first love, the memories will strike back randomly. The memories will last forever and though you might not share the feelings with anyone, the time you spent with your lover will continue to haunt you, all through the years.

4. Nothing like first love

Though it would be unfair to compare the love of your life with your first love as the person with whom you are spending your life is eventually more important but the feeling which your first love generated is something which is difficult to match in most of the cases.First Love - Gifts

3. It acts as a criterion setter

It sometimes happens that people compare their future partners to the first love and use their first love as a criterion setter for their future relationships. If the first relationship was passionate, the person will always want his or her future partners to be passionate and lively.

If their love fails to meet the standards as they perceived with the first love, it is likely that the passion and liking which the first love generated is likely to haunt the memory and the past is likely to become valuable from the memory perspective.

2. You would like to know about them

If any mention of your first love comes in the regular conversation, your mind is likely to get diverted and you would want to know about the present status of your first love. You might develop a habit of checking their status through social media sites or through interaction with a common friend who might be in touch with them.First Love - feelings

1. First break up was heart breaking

Another reason for which you would perceive the first love to be special is the fact that the first break up was devastating for you. Years later, when you think of the same, it would bring same amount of sadness as it did at that time.

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