This Is What Made Me Turn Down His Proposal

Love is a passionate feeling that most of us feel at a particular stage in our life. I too was not averse to this feeling and developed liking towards a boy who was one class senior to me in college.

dating, relationship We used to meet regularly and spend time together even as we bunked classes to watch movies together. I felt as if I was in love and was in fact waiting for him to propose to me. However, reality was soon to strike me in the face and one day I got a phone call from my friend which turned my world upside down.

She pointed that she had spotted the guy with another girl in the market. I chose to let off this as her suspicion since I was already in love with the guy. However, days later I noticed that his behavior had changed and he found excuses not to come to college. I decided to do a reality check and followed him one early morning.

As I was apprehending he went to meet the other girl in a coffee shop. Both of them seemed comfortable in each other’s company and seemed to be good friends. Reality dwelled on me and I realized that the person had cheated on me. I was shell shocked and returned home. The next day when I went to college, I was surprised to see that guy waiting for me.

He had come with a bunch of flowers and seemed very happy. He said that it was time that we should get in a relation and he was proposing to me. The anger within me had grown over night and I confronted him with what I had seen the previous day.sorry

He was numb and dumbfound on being caught red handed and admitted that he was cheating on me. The flowers he had brought for me held no significance and I asked him to never speak to me again. That was the end of it and my first relation turned sour after that incident.

It has been years now and whenever I sit back and ponder, I realize that it was by a stroke of luck that I was saved from engaging in a relation which would have held no worth for me if the relation had continued as he would have cheated on me too.

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