Things Shopaholics Do & Feel Guilty About

Shopoholics - shopping

Compulsive shopping is the thing which most of shopaholics end up doing. It is another thing that they secretly feel guilty about it.

7. They have tagged item in the closet

Shopaholics often fill their closet with unopened or tagged items. When they see these clothes and other items lying unused for years, they feel guilty for the same but cannot share it with anyone.
Shopoholics closet

6. They often purchase things which are of no use

Shopaholics often purchase things which are of no use. These keep lying unused and such people feel dejected on wasting their money at some point.

5. They shop after heated arguments at home

We all have our outlets to vent our frustration. Shopaholics head straight to the shopping mall and buy things which are of little use. They however realize their folly later but it is of no use regretting as money has already been wasted.

4. They feel excited when they buy

The excitement level of such people reaches a new high when they shop. It is however short lived and when they struggle to meet their ends later in the month, they realize their folly but nothing can be done at this stage.Shopoholics running

3. They regret buying things

It is not as if such people do not regret compulsive shopping. They realize soon enough that it was mere waste of time to buy things which were little required. However, since the things have already been purchased, little can be done. It is of little use regretting buying things later but they do regret secretly.

2. They try concealing this habit

Shopaholics often conceal this habit of compulsive shopping from others. However, it is of little use as they do not give up the habit. They feel that the guilt of spending money is something that they should keep to themselves. This makes them conceal this habit of overspending.Shopoholics - shopping

1. They feel anxious if they do not shop

Shopaholics feel anxious in times and situations when they do not shop. Such is the urge for shopping that they cannot resist it for more than few days. Anxiety can reach to a new high if they are not shopping often. It is another thing that they realize this folly soon and then again continue with this habit of unending shopping.

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