Things Guys Have Done But Will Never Admit!

what men lie about

Here is a list of things that every guys has done at least once in his life but would never admit to. Even while you go through the list with him he would be silently smiling and might admit that he knows a few friend who have been like this but he has not done most of the things. Of course exceptions are there, like me, I haven’t done most of the things but I know people who have, if you know what I mean 😉

what men lie about

  1. Wished he had superpowers.

  2. Wished he had a girlfriend with superpowers.

  3. Planned an escape route if the restaurant/theater/ mall he is in catches fire.

  4. Thought how he would save everyone if some bus/car/train falls into water or off a cliff.

  5. Tried and successfully convinced himself that he is sick when he is not.

  6. Thought what would happen if he had an accident and died.

  7. Pissed in Shower.

  8. Flushed the toilet while peeing and tried to last longer.

  9. Urinated in Open.

  10. Pissed in public swimming pools and on beach(while in the water of course).

  11. Tried to look for a naked beach when on a guys trip.

  12. Cried over sports if the result wasn’t favourable.

  13. Tried to measure his private parts.

  14. Took a picture of his private parts and deleted it think what a gross thing he just did.What men lie about

  15. Lied about watching, or should I say not watching, porn.

  16. Imagined how wonderful life of pornstarts is and wished he was one.

  17. Imagined how would her girl look and feel with silicon implants.

  18. Faked an orgasm.

  19. Tried to look for any signs of his ex on internet.

  20. Unsuccessfully tried to look for some girl from his childhood on social network.

  21. Watched cartoon for hours and wondered why is he liking this stuff, he is all grown up.

  22. Cried in an emotional romantic movie.

One advice, do not make him admit these if he does not want to, or do not blame me for what follows.

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