These Websites Are So Addictive You Will Lose Track Of Time!

Still checking out the usual Facebook, Google and Q-A websites to pass your time? It is time you check out these super cool websites that are so addictive that you will lose track of time. Make a beginning by reading out about these sites from among those listed below and choose yours.

15. What Should I Read Next

Love getting recommendations? You only need to enter a book that you have loved reading and the website will offer you recommendations on similar category of books. Check it now at

14. Fly GuyAddictive websites to loose track of time - Fly Guy 1

Feeling bored sitting at home with no work? Try playing Fly Guy an addictive game that will let you fly your characters. An unusual website, Fly Guy has many people hooked now.

13. This Is Why I’m Broke

Want to know about all the amazing stuff that you can buy on internet? This is the website to check and you will get great things at competitive prices.

12. Spreeder

E-reading software, Spreeder enables you to upload text and try reading at speed than your usual self. This is a good website for all who like to test their reading skills to become an effective reader.

11. The Useless WebAddictive websites to loose track of time - The Useless Web

True to its name, the website is useless indeed! Every time you click on this site, it takes you to another useless website that might be interesting.

10. The Invisible Cow

This website will take you back to the days of “Hot and Cold” game you used to play during the childhood days. Turn the audio of the website and see the magic unfold.

9. Smarty Pins

This trivia game is based on Google Maps. Check your knowledge and pin point the geographic location on the map. The accurate you are, the better you are.

8. Creepy GirlAddictive websites to loose track of time - Creepy Girl

Have friends who get scared easily. As the name mentions, the creepy girl will give them company on lonely nights.

7. Incredibox

Need some music in your boring life? Try Incredibox which has a plethora of music for those who appreciate the best.

6. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apple

An addictive website in the making, you need to help the fat lady eat her apple. Try the magical website; you’ll love it for sure.

5. Draw A StickmanAddictive websites to loose track of time - Draw A Stickman

This website is likely to take you down the memory lane. You need to draw a stickman and take him on an adventure trip.

4. Feed The Head

You would not be able to stop clicking, once you get addicted to this game. The game has a strange head that comes with a lot of interactive parts.

3. Gizoogle

A translating website originally, Gizoogle comes up with unusual and funny translate of text you input in the same.

2. PollockAddictive websites to loose track of time - Pollock

Have an artistic instinct. Pollock is the website for you to put all the artistic expression into reality.

1. Google Feud

This new website has left all amazed and awestruck. Complete questions from four categories and predict top ten auto complete Google suggestions. The better you perform, the higher you score. Try it here.

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