These Sports Are Too Extreme To be Qualified As Adventure Sports! Have A Look!

wingsuit flying extreme sprts

Sports is one thing, Adventure sports is another but when it comes to extreme sports it goes to a whole different level. Even Bungee Jumping is an adventure sport and does not qualify as an extreme sport. Here is a list of few of the most thrilling extreme sports.

BASE Jumping

Base Jumping - Extreme Sports

Base Jumping is a very extreme activity that mostly includes a person jumping from fixed objects at very high altitudes with an unopened parachute(or wingsuit in some cases). Base Jumping is divided into four categories depending on where the jumper id jumping from, these include Building, Antenna, Span, Earth and hence the acronym “B.A.S.E.”


Body Boarding - Extreme Sports

Bodyboarding is quite similar to wave surfing apart from the fact that the surfboard is replaced with a rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam. Shape of board is not fixed and it depends on the comfort of rider and his riding style


canoeing- Extreme Sports

Extreme canoeing a.k.a whitewater canoeing includes racing specialised kayaks and canoes down some dangerous whitewater rivers. It includes much more complicated rapids than what we see in normal rafting or kayaking.

Freestyle Motocross(FMX)

MikeMason in Freestyle Motocross FMX - Extreme sports

Freestyle Motocross is a relatively new variation of motocross and supercross. The objective is not to finish first like most of the motor events but instead this sport concentrates on performing different stunts while the bike is air. It is judged on the basis of how acrobatic and dangerous the stunts are.


Parkour - Extreme Sports

Parkour is a form of free running it is fast growing as an extreme sport and includes running jumping and propelling yourself from anything and everything available in your surroundings to reach from spot A to spot B.

Hang Gliding

hang gliders - Extreme Sports

Hang Gliding is like an elder cousin to paragliding with a more rigid and heavier structure to hold on to. The gliding frame of Hang glider are made of Aluminium and it can reach speeds of up to 170 mph as compared to 30-40mph of a paraglider.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing - Extreme Sports

You must be familiar with Rock climbing and mountain climbing, you think they are quite extreme well try replacing the Rock or mountains with frozen waterfalls, icefalls or rock and cliffs covered with refrozen ice from flows of water at colder temperatures. This in plain words is ice climbing for you.


kitesurfing - Extreme Sports

Kiteboarding is a sport that combines the features of paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics and wakeboarding into one extreme surface water sport. It uses a large controllable power kite to harnesses the power of the wind which in turn is used to propel the kiteboarder across the water on his kiteboard.


Windsurfing - Extreme Sports

Windsurfing is another surface water sport that combines the elements of sailing and surfing. It requires a surfer to perform various acrobatic tricks on water with a surfing board that has wind sails attached to it.

Wingsuit Skydiving


Wingsuit skydiving is known by many names like wingsuiting, wingsuit flying etc. This involves flying wearing a special jumpsuit that adds surface area to human body so that the air may lift it. This flight of human normally ends with opening a parachute for safe landing.

Some other, but not all, extreme sports include Sand Boarding, Sand Kiting, Scootering, Snowboarding, Snowkiting, Mountain Biking, Skimboarding, Extreme Ironing, Xpogo etc

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