These Movies Will Leave You With Teary Eyes!

The spread of Hollywood has ensured that creative movies do come up occasionally. Some of these are fiction while others are based on real life stories. Many of these have compelling storylines that leaves us with moist eyes.

Below are listed 10 such movies that have made us strike a chord and left us with teary eyes.

1. The Green MileExtremly emotional movies - The Green Mile

The performance of Michael Clarke Duncan is worth appreciating but it is the portrayal of grief by Tom Hanks that brings tears to eyes. A movie worth watching, The Green Mile was well received by the audience.

2. RatatouilleExtremly emotional movies - Ratatouille

The movie is about the life of a rude food critic Anton whose job is to find the worst in the best. The movie deals emotionally with the subject as Anton gets to taste a dish prepared by his mother in which he tastes the memories of his childhood.

3. The NotebookExtremly emotional movies - The Notebook

The Notebook is a romantic portrayal of two distinct love stories. One of these is about the troubled times a young couple is facing in the 1940’s while the other is about a romantic relationship between an old couple who struggle to stay in a modern day nursing home.

4. TitanicExtremly emotional movies - Titanic

The romantic portrayal of love between Rose and Jack is something that hogs the limelight, even as Titanic is sinking on its maiden voyage. The sacrifice of his life for saving that of Rose brings tears to eyes.

5. GhostExtremly emotional movies - Ghost

Sam, the main lead in the movie dies in the beginning of the plot. His spirit though is struck on Earth as it has to protect the girlfriend, Molly. The movie is a depiction of the romantic and sad events that make up Ghost, a movie that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

6. A Walk to RememberExtremly emotional movies - A Walk to Remember

Landon is a bad boy who falls in love with Jame, a God fearing girl. He realizes later that Jame is to die because of Leukaemia. The efforts that Landon makes to complete the bucket list of Jame is what, A Walk to Remember is all about. A worthy watch that is sure to make tears rolling.

7. My GirlOriginal Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

The story spins around Vada and Thomas who are childhood friend and the best of lovers. The story though ends short and they separate owing to turn of events. The movie is an emotional portrayal of this sequence of events.

8. ArmageddonExtremly emotional movies - Armageddon

The action packed movie based on collision of an asteroid with earth has an emotional angle too. Harry Stamper gives his life for saving the earth, even when he realizes that he would have had the chance to go back to his daughter Grace whom he loved so much.

9. My Sister’s KeeperExtremly emotional movies - My Sister’s Keeper

The movie deals with Anna, an eleven year old who hires a lawyer Campbell Alexander to enable her to earn medical emancipation for Sara, her mother.

10. BambiExtremly emotional movies - Bambi

The Disney movie, Bambi has a sad opening and deals with problems that animals have to face in real world. The emotionless behavior that humans show towards animals is also depicted creatively in Bambi.

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