These Are The Most Ridiculously Expensive Gifts!

Thinking of gifting some unique things to your loved ones? The market is full of gifts and items you can give away to your loved ones, this festive season. However, you can also think about gifting some unusual gifts but before you lay hands at these consider the price factor that comes along with them.

1. Rangyai IslandRidiculously Expensive Gifts - Rangyai Island

If you are a billionaire and consider gifting in style, a private island can be your best bet. While an average private island in remote Canada would cost $27,500 only, something like Rangyai Island in Thailand is currently available for sale at a base price of $160,000,000.

2. Cobblestone Diamond BraceletRidiculously Expensive Guests - Cobblestone Diamond Bracelet

The Cobblestone diamond bracelet with 59 yellow diamonds can be yours for a price of $1.3 million. The total carat count is over 100 and it will in all likelihood be an impressive gift for your loved ones.

3. Speaker Cable from Audio QuestRidiculously Expensive Guests - Speaker Cable from Audio Quest

Listed in Amazon for an unusual price of $175,000 the Speaker Cable is another unusual but expensive gift item. Its multi layered carbon based noise dissipation is one of its major attractions.

4. Luxury Accessory Case from SteinhausenRidiculously Expensive Guests - Luxury Accessory Case from Steinhausen

An expensive watch case in the making, the Steinhausen accessory case can hold up to 20 watches and is available on Amazon for $99,999.00. An unusual price for a watch case, the same can be a worthy gift, if you can afford the same.

5. Millage Flying Tourbillon WatchRidiculously Expensive Guests - Millage Flying Tourbillon Watch

The watch comes with a 7 year guarantee and has leather cast out from alligators. Available in a range of colours, the Millage Flying Tourbillon watch has an unusual price of $99,000. While your friends will love the watch to be gifted, it will surely dent a hole in your pocket, in case you decide to buy the same.

6. Ralph Lauren Alligator Ricky BagRidiculously Expensive Guests - Ralph Lauren Alligator Ricky Bag

This Ricky bag made from alligator skin has been named after Ralph Lauren’s wife. The bag available at an unusual price of $28,000 has ample inside pockets and can make heads turn in any social gathering, but for its unusual price.

7. Champagne Jeroboam 2012Ridiculously Expensive Guests - Champagne Jeroboam 2012

The Cristal Louis Roederer Champagne Jeroboam 2012 is another unusual gift in the offering. The champagne dipped in 24 carat gold is unique for the fact that it costs $26,000 and has only 400 bottles of its type made.

8. Globe ClutchRidiculously Expensive Guests - Globe Clutch

This high end luxury bag with the shape of a globe is available for $6,750 and is much in demand because of its attractive colour scheme. An unusual high price for a bag, the Globe Clutch as a gift will leave your friends happy and smiling.

9. Gina CourtsRidiculously Expensive Guests - Gina Courts

The Gina Court shoes are available at Selfridges for $2100. With hundreds of Swarovski crystals in gold, green and red adding worth to the shoe, the same is indeed an item worth gifting.

10. Clive ChristianRidiculously Expensive Guests - Clive Christian

Clive Christian is considered to be world’s most expensive perfume. Though the price is modest considering the fact that a 50 ml bottle is available for $750, the lady in your life will be indeed impressed as Clive Christian is the most reputed perfume in the world.

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