There Might Not Be Another One Like This Home!

Unique Homes

Everybody dreams of a beautiful home and many try to make their homes stand out. and these people have don this to perfection. A couple of houses might seem weird but the idea and application of it make these houses worth a visit.

Bubble House, FranceUnique Homes

As interesting as it seems it is also a very luxurious home with 28 rooms, 10 suites, an amphitheater, gardens, pools and a playground which has a view of Mediterranean sea

Waterfall House, PennsylvaniaUnique Homes

Built with an idea of having a lot of natural light coming in, this house barely provides any privacy.

Waterfall House, PennsylvaniaUnique Homes

Architect’s “most beautiful job” that’s what Time magazine had to say about this home built over a waterfall as there wasn’t enough land to build it.

Boeing 727 Hotel, Costa RicaUnique Homes

This Boeing 727 has seen much more than most humans. It flew people from South Africa to Columbia at the end of its flying days it was purchased and converted into home and now it serves as a hotel. It feels like flying when you look out of the window.

Voglreiter Auto Residence, AustriaUnique Homes

This construction is said to be inspired by 70’s style House. Though it looks tight, this house is quite spacious.

The Hobbit House, WalesUnique Homes

This house is made out of all natural material and with an aim to make it as close to The Lord of The Ring style houses as possible. It costed only $5,200 and took around 4 months to make.

Spaceship HouseUnique Homes

This unique alien like structure was once a private residence but is now available for public accommodation.

Stone House, PortugalUnique Homes

This 2-storied home has a fireplace and even a swimming pool and is completely made out of boulders.

River House, SerbiaUnique Homes

This house has been made on a rock on Drina River for more than 40 years now. Of course the river floods and the house gets destroyed but then it is made again when the water settles.

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