The Most Isolated Houses In The World!

Most Isolated Houses - Elliðaey, Iceland 1

There is no doubt that everyone now and then wants a piece of quietness. One will like to live in the house where there are no neighbors for miles and miles around.
Following is the list of the most isolated houses in the world

1. The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece

Most Isolated Houses - The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece
There are six monasteries lying high up in the rocky hills of Meteora which are still functioning today. The Holy Trinity is the oldest of the six monasteries and the entry to the monastery can be reached via a series of 140 steps which is about 400 meters high and are carved directly into the cliff face.

2. Just Room Enough Island, Canada

Most Isolated Houses - Just Room Enough Island, Canada
Just Room Enough Island is situated in the middle of Canada’s Saint Lawrence River. It is a small island which can only support one house and nothing else can be fitted in. High tide in the river water often hit the house walls however when the water is on low tide the owners are able to set up their furniture and enjoy the sun with no neighbors around.

3. Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy

Most Isolated Houses - Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy
Hermitage of San Colombano was built in 1319 and is situated 120 meters up the cliff and is carved into the deep valley. The location is clearly visible to the passerby and the house itself gives a clear message that the owners do not want to get disturbed. This house is incredibly isolated.

4. Katskhi Pillar, Central Georgia

Most Isolated Houses - Katskhi Pillar, Central Georgia
Katskhi Pillar is a rock that rose 40 meters high in the 7th century and a small church was built over there. The church has been inhabited by a Georgian monk for last 20 years and who take cares of the church while enjoying the beautiful view of the forest from below. Surprisingly, even today women are not allowed to climb the Katskhi Pillar.

5. Cougar Peak Lookout, USA

Most Isolated Houses - Cougar Peak Lookout, USA
Cougar Peak Lookout is located high up in Montana, it is not exactly a house but still worth to be noted. It is a little wooden house with a slanted roof to give support to the elements of the house from where one can have a look at the Clark Fork River. Its location gives one a beautiful view of the scenery and is known to be the most wonderful views on Earth.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Most Isolated Houses - Stockholm, Sweden
Just at a few miles away outside Stockholm in Sweden- an isolated island 137 square meter in size is a isolated modern residence. This house is made up of beautiful glass doors, wooden front and a sauna outside the house for the residents to feel comfortable in the cold weather of Sweden.

7. Elliðaey, Iceland

Most Isolated Houses - Elliðaey, Iceland
For extreme isolation one can move to the island of Elliðaey in Iceland. Only a single house is found there that means that you don’t have any neighbors and one will find only few stray cattle that move around the grassy rock that is Elliðaey. Usually there are no visitors to this island or house and this only used for storage purposes.


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