The Most Honest Man: You Are An Inspiration!

This story is from India where K. Sudhakaran has a small juice shop where he also sells cold drinks, sweets and lottery tickets in northern Kerala’s Kanhangad town. He is not just another shop owner, he is very honest to his work and quite a genuine person, at least the locals said so. But that is not it, he is probably the most honest man in the world.

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This can be said because there have been an instance where he found agold chain in a train and no one to claim it. WHat would a normal person do in such a scenario, more than 80% of us will pocket it thinking that it was our good luck but he is different, he returned it to the police. Okay we agree there would be a handful of others who would do the same and this gesture does not make him the most honest man on earth. but his honesty does not end here. One day, one of his customer could not pick up his lottery tickets so he asked Sudhakaran to keep a few tickets aside. Somehow the tickets that Sudhakaran kept for his customer happened to have the winning number. He could have easily pocketed the winning ticket and replaced it with one of his failed tickets but instead he asked his father to inform and congratulate the winner whose ticket was still in Sudhakaran’s counter. Just cashing in on that one ticket worth INR 1 Crore (approx $ 165,000)would have changed the life of this lottery ticket vendor who earns INR 10000(approx $165) a month to support a family of 6. He would have done away with his daily commute of more than 2 hours to work and his 7 days working schedule could have been changed forever.

When he was questioned if he hesitated this life changing decision. His reply was as follows:
“No, not at all! I knew that what my father had said was perfectly right. My parents taught me to be honest, to do what is right, to consider everyone, rich and poor, as equal. My mother and all my other relatives were all very happy with what I had done. They all said that I had done the right thing.”

honest indian k sudhakaran

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Sudhakaran with this act of righteousness has restored our faith in humanity.

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