The 6 Types Of Guys You Will Meet In High School!

6 guys you will meet in high school

Many girls believe that first person they date or fall in love with would be the guy they would marry eventually. This might be true for some lucky girls but in majority of cases, the reality is otherwise. You are likely to come across many guys and each will teach you something better about life, until you find the right one.

1. The High School Guyguys u date in high school

The first guy you could have more often met would come in your life in high school itself. It could be a hidden crush or someone one class senior to you.
You will more often want to go out on a secret date with him or head out to a movie with him. The crush is likely to end soon and by the time you leave the high school both of you would have eventually moved on.

2. The One Who Leaves Without Giving A Reason

The second type of guy would be someone who will move out of your life as soon as he had come. You could be talking with the guy one day and the other day he would be away from your life. You could be talk of the school for some days owing to this relation but suddenly one day the guy will text you and say that things are not working so he is moving out.

3. The Bad Boy Of Your Life6 guys you will meet in high school

Even when you are getting back to your normal self after a broken relation, the next guy could make his entry in your life. He is likely to be the one about whom your friends might have warned about but you paid little heed.
The guy has bad reputation in everyone’s eye and even your parents would be worried. You make it your life’s mission to make the guy softer and nice. However, hard you like him, the guy is a bad boy indeed and eventually either you or he will walk out of your life.

4. The Guy Who Is Totally Opposite Of You6 guys you will meet in high school

Such times do come in one’s life when you get attracted to someone who is totally opposite to you. This is likely to happen with you and you would find love in someone who is totally opposite to you.
You would feel as if you would change him or become like him. This could continue for some time and eventually you would realize that the person is not the right one for you and both of you will move on.

5. The Guy Who Is Perfect But Timing Ditches You

There will be a guy in your life who is perfect in all senses but the timing is perhaps not right. You will perhaps date him many times and wish that the relation continues throughout life. You will dream of happy times with him but things don’t work in your favor as it was never desired. This would eventually be the guy whom you will remember your entire life and wish if you could be together ever.

6. The Guy Who Will Break You6 guys you will meet in high school

You would be so heartbroken that you will get into a relationship with the one who comes along in your life with the hope that you will find true love and be happy. However, soon enough you will realize the folly when the guy breaks your heart.
These are all temporary phases of life and once you become mature enough, you will find the love of your life and reflect on the days of your school life and the days gone by will definitely bring smile on your face.

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