The 5 Major Love Stages In Relationships


For a relationship to last long commitment is the prime necessity. Relationship often has various aspects and for a successful and blissful companionship, you need to overcome the challenges which counter you at every stage of this relation.

1. Romance stage

This is the stage when you come across each other and look forward to spend time with each other. As it is the initial love stage in any relationship both the partners try to put forward their best self to each other. The flaws of a person’s personality are left for later to be explored.


2. Power Struggle between couples

This strangely happens more in love marriages than in any arranged marriage. As both the partners know each other well, equations slowly start changing post marriage. While the husband will try to assert his presence the wife realizing that they will be together for rest of lives suddenly feels more secured. This sometimes gives rise to a feeling of being in control of things and brings mood swings in them. This phase might continue for another 1-2 years before stability sets in.

3. Stability in relationship

Once the power struggle gets over stability in a relationship sets in. This usually happens after the birth of a child. Since both partners feel a sense of responsibility for the child their behavior is surely set to change. While the female partner feels a natural attachment for the child and become more sober the male partner feels that he need to provide a better life to his child.

This brings a sense of stability as the focus of the relationship changes. This phase in a relationship continues until the time the child grows old enough to care for himself or her.

stability in relationship

4. Commitment stage

This stage comes in later phase of stability stage in any relationship. Both the partners over the years owing to caring for the child develop a sense of commitment for each other. Since both of the partners know that they need to put in their best efforts to raise their child, the sense of commitment grows stronger towards each other too. This not only inculcates good values in the child but also makes the couple caring towards each other too.

5. Blissful Stage

Both the partners in any relationship will feel blissful when they realize that their hard efforts have paid and the child which they raised with much love and affection has attained a good place in society.


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