Ten Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt!

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Lena Headey

We recently had a look at the richest celebrities from around the world but here is the time to check 10 celebrities who went bankrupt. Examples of rags to riches are discussed quite often, this is time to discuss “Rags from Riches.”

1. Pamela Anderson

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Pamela Anderson

The former star of “Baywatch” went bankrupt when she remodeled her Malibu home to make it environment friendly. During the remodelling process, she forgot to look at her budget and went deep down in debt. Constructor charged 1.1 million in 2012 with taxes, but she couldn’t pay. It was reported that she lend this house itself in the real estate market to save herself from her creditors.

2. Stephen Baldwin

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Stephen Baldwin

He became star after the movie “six”. He got bankrupt in 2009 with a total debt of 1.19 million. Several mortgages, exhausted credit card bills, and unpaid taxes and duties led to this. He did a lot of charity by heart, but forgot to look at his own budget.

3. Lorraine Bracco

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Lorraine Bracco

Harvey Keitel movie star Lorraine Bracco went bankrupt because of custody case of her daughter Stella. This star fought in court with her ex-husband for her child, this fight made her daughter quite an expensive kid. She went bankrupt in 1999. But thanks to “Sopranos HBO series” she was able to square off her debt in 2007.

4. Toni Braxton10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Toni Braxton

Live life king size, is the dream of everyone. This star lived her life like this, no tension of budget, no issues of future and a life envy for all. This kind of life eventually leads anyone towards bankruptcy. In 1997 and 2010, she faced financial nightmares. Around $50 million is the total amount of debt was reported. Maybe a hung up album squared off her problem.

5. Gary Busey

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Gary Busey

Known for one of the most memorable roles in the Oscar winning movie “the buddy holly story”. Everyone knows about his eccentric and philosophical behaviour. He filed bankruptcy in 2012; around $1 million is the total amount of his debt. During the auction of his estate several weird things were sold by the officers.

6. Jose Canseco

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Jose Canseco

He’s an MLB star and notorious heavy hitter. He went bankrupt in 2012 with a lump sum amount of 1.7 million. He uses steroids and he admitted this claim. But unfortunately these steroids can’t help him in this bankruptcy to pump its bank accounts.

7. Brendan Fraser

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Brendan Fraser

This star acted in the movie “mummy”. The Amount of alimony and child support with the fees of agents and manager along with his everyday expenses made his bank balance below the zero. He’s also suffering from a back injury which intercepts him from further working in movies to overcome this situation. May be he will dissolve some of his properties to reimburse his bills.

8. Dorothy Hamill

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Dorothy Hamill

This star blamed her ex-husband for her financial crisis. She stated that her husband had two affairs during their marriage and pregnancy. She made the right choice by purchasing “ice capades” in 1993 but had to sell her swedge company in 1995. Her total debt was around 1.6 million.

9. Lena Headey

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Lena Headey

She is most recognised for her role as evil queen in “game of thrones”. She had a brutal separation and custody case of her child in 2012. News of went viral that she had only $5 left in her bank account. She had to sell off her Hollywood Hills home in order to pay back her bills, banks and other creditors.

10. Courtney Love

10 celebrities who went bankrupt - Courtney love

After the death of her husband who was a lead singer in Nirvana, she went into the liquidation, she sold almost 25% of nirvana’s music catalog to pay her debt in 2006. Before selling Band’s music catalog she had already lost her house and was forced to live in a rented home.

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