Tattoo Symbols That Say A Lot

Tattoos is something that is for lifetime and hence choosing a tattoo is as big a decision as choosing your life partner, at times it is a bigger decision to choose the right tattoo. It is the art of saying something that connects with you as much as tattoos with text are in fashion, here are some tattoos that say a lot without using any words.

1. Semicolon signifies continuity, it signifies that something could have ended but you made sure it did not. Alternatively this has also become a symbol of mental illness awareness.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

2. Lotus Symbolizes overcoming tough situations as the Lotus grows in muddy waters but maintains its purity.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning

3. The Zen Circle represents enlightenment and strength.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

4. An arrow represents fighting spirit, protection as well as launch.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

5. The symbol for and has different meanings for different people, It reperents Union and partnership. It also represents continuity, saying that there is something more to what has already been done, seen, learnt, etc. To some it is a broken infinity which says nothing lasts forever.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

6. Chevron: A Viking symbol that means “Create your own reality”. It is also used in military to denote ranks.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

7. Triangle represents change. Triangle is also quite steady structure in architecture.
Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)
8. Another Viking Symbol: Inguz. It means where there is will there is a way.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)
9. Any symbol tattoo is great on fingers, Here is just one example. You can make almost any of the symbol tattoos we have shared on your fingers.Minimalist tattoos with deep meaning (8)

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