Take Your Pick From The Most Handsome Vampires!

The Most Handsome Vampires - Damon Salvatore

Monsters or vampires have always amazed and excited children as much as they have scared them. Vampires too have a fan following with Children prefer getting scared from any particular of the lot.

1.) DraculaThe Most Handsome Vampires - Dracula Jonathan Rhys - Meyers

Undoubtedly the most popular of the lot of vampires has been the Dracula. His classic vampire look often gets shrouded in mystery, given the fact that initially Dracula appears in his clean shirt with nicely tucked black hair.Over the years, the character has been played by various artists including Jonathan Rhys-Meyers to Bela Lugosi.

2.) LouisThe Most Handsome Vampires - Louis Vampire

Louis is another of the lot and Kirsten Dunst has played the part to the contentment of the critics and the viewers alike. Brad Pitt was also initially chosen for the role but he panicked owing to the uncomfortable dresses and contact lenses that the character had to wear.

3.) DavidThe Most Handsome Vampires - David Vampire

This vampire slept by day and partied and killed by night. His leather jacket was a rage in early 1980’s and gangs of young boys dressed up like him and moved around the cities portraying as this vampire character.

4.) Bill ComptonThe Most Handsome Vampires - Bill Compton

This vampire was more interested in making love rather than killing. The movie “True Blood” had its darker moments too when he drank the blood of Lillith, the “first vampire”. The character was played by Stephen Moyer and ever since Bill Compton has been the main lead of the series.

5.) Deacon FrostThe Most Handsome Vampires - Deacon Frost

“Blade”, the 1998 movie was a watershed in the concept of Vampire. Deacon Frost was one of these vampires in this movie who was not contented only with killing people. This vampire moved a step ahead and wished to become the vampire god “La Magra”. Wesley Snipes played the role of vampire hunter Blade in this movie and his role too was much appreciated. Interestingly, in the original Marvel comics, Deacon was a middle aged man with white hair but for the movie a much younger Stephen Dorff was chosen as the audience in 90’s wanted to have a smart looking vampire.

6.) SpikeThe Most Handsome Vampires - Spike

This vampire had bleached blonde hair with a fake English accent, a character that drew much appreciation from the audience. The movie was based on Sid Vicious and Spike was sired by Drusilla who in turn was sired by Angel. Spike therefore was Angel’s Vampire grandson and the legacy still continues years after this character made its appearance.

7.) Damon SalvatoreThe Most Handsome Vampires - Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore has been a vampire since 1864 and has been the main character of “The Vampire Diaries”. The character was played by Ian Somerhalder whose shot to fame came through “Lost” with his role of Boone. A teenage vampire, Ian Somerhalder has always been a rage since his first portrayal as the bad boy who sucks blood.

8.) Edward CullenThe Most Handsome Vampires - Edward Cullen

A fictional character in Twilight series, Edward is more of a telepathic vampire falls in love with Bella Swan. Eclipse is a unusual series with Bella agrees to marry Edward on the condition that he will make love to her, until the time she is human. He thereafter becomes a vampire.

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