Tagged As “Ugliest Women” She Teaches World What Beauty Is, True Inspiration!

most beautiful Woman In The World

Only three people are known to have been born with an unusual genetic ailment which does not let them gain any weight, one of them is Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velásquez. Trust us its not a paradise for the weight watchers, in fact the maximum she has ever weighed is 62 pounds in her life not only this Velasquez’s right eye was sightless when she was born.

If these were not enough problems to break a person, she discovered a video labeled “The World’s Ugliest Woman” on YouTube, featuring her, before junior year of her high school. Though Velasquez’s parents attempted to get the video off YouTube but much damage had been done as the video had received 4 million hits on YouTube alone. Also the unidentified person who had posted the video refused to take it off.

Uglies women lizzie velasquez 2

Instead of feeling hopeless, depressed and tagging her life as useless. Velasquez took it as a challenge, what she did is an inspiration to many.

She tried and successfully explained some high school freshmen about her disorder, she then took up the issue of bullying and tackled it face-to-face and has spoken out in open against it.

As a result, multiple television programs approached Velasquez to appear on them and thus she moved one step ahead and produced three books, including the more famous one “Be Beautiful, Be You.”

Velasquez was raised in catholic church and her choice to serve Jesus Christ came a little before she before graduated from high school. According to her, her trust in Jesus has given her the strength to withstand everything from ridicule to bodily frailties.

“It’s been my rock through everything, just having the time to be alone and pray and talk to God and know that He’s there for me,” said Velasquez.

This year, she has been travelling anywhere she can in order to share her story of faith and perseverance to give people motivation and go after their dreams.
She now is a public speaker. From being tagged as “The World’s Ugliest Women” to being a successful public speaker and making people believe they are beautiful, Lizzie Velasquezis is indeed the most beautiful persona and her life, a true inspiration.

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