Strange UFO Pictures Captured Over Houston, Do You Think They Visited Us?

On August 11, 2014, few UFO images where spread around everywhere on the internet. A local from Houston posted these pictures through social networking websites. A story by local news explains some strange lighting in the sky which started late night on August 11, 2014 and continued till




August 12, 2014 morning. After the news had spread across, hundreds of people tried reaching out to the Houston, Texas authorities inquiring about the unidentified lighted flying object discovered in the sky at night.

However, due to the proximity to the NASA Station, it is being believed that it could be a government test initiative while others take it as possibilities of whether changes etc.

We tried digging for an explanation but could not do so since no such explanations have been given with this regard by any of the officials.


We are shocked and surprised. Do you believe it was a UFO and we had been visited by extra-terrestrials? Share your views!

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