Strange Things People Do In A Flight! #8 Is Hard To Believe!


People are free to do whatever they want in their private places, while we think your home is your private place we have often seen instances of people considering their cars also their private space and tend to forget if the road they are on is crowded or empty. Well its not only the case of their car but people also tend to forget that they are in public place when they take their seat in an airplane. Following are the things people are seen doing while on a plane.

1. Change Diapers in Unsanitary Places

weird-things-on-a-plane---Diaper-changing-padsChanging baby’s diapers is necessary in flights and more so in long flights and there is nothing wrong in it if done on a change pad or a washroom but their have been instances where people have been seen changing their babies diapers on the tray table or on a n empty seat.

2. Washroom Behavior

A Lot of time people just do not lock the door when they enter the washroom, in some other instances people try to open the door when it is clearly marked “occupied.” There are also events where people just throw the toilet paper anywhere and miss the pot while urinating.

3. Gross Garbage

While we agree that it is Cabin Crews’ duty to collect waste material from the passengers it is considered as basic manners on part of the passengers to dispose of items like vomit bags and diapers themselves, or if you still wish to handover them to the crew, at least give them a warning so that they can wear gloves. Though it is hard to believe but people do this.

4. Adult Content

This one is more Gross that Gross Garbage but people have in fact tried to watch pornographic videos on their phones, tablets and even Laptops that too often without plugging in headphones.

5. Intimate Acts


Even more surprising is that the act which is more frequent that watching adult movies, engaging in sexual behaviour. People have been caught pleasuring their partners and getting really hot while in the plane. This is not romantic this is gross as there are kids and senior citizens around you and such behaviour is inappropriate. People have also been witnessed to indulge in self pleasuring sexual acts.

6. One for the Road

This one is the most common: the stuff provided to you for in-flight entertainment including snacks and beverages is called “In-Flight” for a reason. People leaving planes have tried to sneak snacks through when they leave, not only this there have been accounts of people sneaking out alcoholic beverages for home, more often than not. These things are not for unlimited supply and are only meant to make your journey more comfortable.

7. Lose Their Manners

It seems passengers frequently lose their manners when in flight and expect everybody else to treat them as the king. Many flight attendants have reported that they get‘poked’ in their hips or bottom a lot by the passengers who are willing to call them. They also at times talk to the flight attendants as if the attendants are their slaves. Shouting at flight attendants will not help if a fellow passenger’s baby is crying.

8. Use the Airplane as a Gym

weird things on a plane - excersing on a plane

One of the more bizarre occurrence on long flights is people using the cabin as a gym. People have been recorded doing yoga to light exercises like push-ups in the back ally and even aisle. Stretching your legs or taking a walk is perfectly acceptable but working out in your flight is just not.

9. Use the Cabin as a Cargo Plane

It is surprising how people try to carry as much things as they can stuff with them in the cabin and avoid checking in some large objects. People have tried to take sinks, fans, televisions, even pets to the cabin along with them. Many people being overweight bags which they can not even lift. They expect flight attendants to lift these for them. Though most of the flight attendants obliged it should be noted that they aren’t supposed to.

10. Wear Absurd Outfits

weird things on a plane - bikini in flight

There is no dress code for passengers travelling in flight, but they might introduce one in the coming time at least looking at how people dress at times. Though many like to wear blazers and suits even casuals are perfect but problem arises when people are heading back from holidays and think that wearing boxers with sandos shirt is a good idea. Some people do not mind wearing their night clothes in a flight and there also have been instances of women taking off their overcoat after getting in a flight and sitting in just a bikini, we understand you had a great time in Hawaii and want to stay in that feeling but airplane is not a place to show your tan.

11. Groom Themselves

While there is no problem at all in shaving, trimming your nails or applying makeup in lavatory, it becomes an issue when people start doing it on the tray and leave the waste there itself for the flight attendants to clean. There is a reason why they at times detain nail cutters from being taken to cabin and its not that people will use it as weapon.

12. Get Wasted

weird things on a plane - drinking in flight

Its often seen that people drink too much and end up throwing up in the lavatory and at times all over the place. One or Two drinks is good to relax but its not a time to start a drinking competition. There have been instances where people had been arrested as soon as the plane landed because of their misconduct after a few drinks. Save yourself from embarrassment.

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