Strange Houses Around The World

The world is indeed strange and more so are the people who live in strange houses around the world. Below are listed some of the strange houses that are sure to blow your mind.

13. House build on a riverStrange Houses - house has been built on a rock on river Drina in Western Siberia

A house has been built on a rock on river Drina in Western Siberia town of Bajina Basta. This house was built in 1968 by a group of young men.

12. Toilet shaped houseStrange Houses - Toilet shaped house

Haewoojae, a toilet shaped house was built in Suwon, South of Seoul on November 9, 2007.

11. Airplane HouseStrange Houses - Airplane House

An airplane house build in Lebanon on May 12, 2015. Miziara, a small village has numerous such artifacts designed over homes with many being designed resembling Greek temples.

10. Illegal construction covered by green plantsStrange Houses - Illegal construction covered by green plants in Guangdong

An illegal construction in Guangdong province in China has been covered by green plants to confuse the civic authorities.

9. Helidome, Eastern FranceStrange Houses - Helidome, Eastern France

A bioclimatic solar home in Eastern France, the same is a three dimensional sundial home built in such a manner that it has been set on a fixed angle in relation to movement of sun.

8. Dome HousesStrange Houses - Dome Houses, indonesia

Dome shaped houses were built by U.S based domes for people who lost their home due to earthquake in Indonesia.

7. Crocodile shaped HomeStrange Houses - Crocodile shaped Home

Thierry Atta has built a crocodile shaped home in Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan. He designed and built this home in September 2008.

6. Makeshift dwelling homeStrange Houses - Make shif dwelling home in Guangxi Zhuang

Liu Lingchao, a 38 year old man in Guangxi Zhuang province of China carries his 60 Kg home and walks an average of 20 km every day. He also collects garbage on the way to support itself.

5. Sun dried brick homeStrange Houses - Sun dried brick home

A sun dried brick home with a 40 meter rock used as a roof in arid desert of Coahuila is a source of attraction to many.

4. Soccer ball shaped homeStrange Houses - Soccer ball shaped home

A disaster resistant soccer ball shaped home build in Gifu, Japan has the structural strength to resist earthquake.

3. China HouseStrange Houses - China House in Tianjin

China House in Tianjin designed on January 5, 2008 has been decorated with millions of ancient porcelain flakes and bowls.

2. Pyramid HouseStrange Houses - Pyramid house in village of Miziara

Pyramid house in village of Miziara in Northern Lebanon is a source of attraction to everyone.

1. Egg shaped mobile houseStrange Houses - Egg shaped mobile house

Egg shaped mobile house in Beijing, China has been made from bamboo strips and mattresses.

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