Some Unexplored Beautiful Locations You Must Know About

There are numerous unexplored and beautiful locations around the world which you might have heard about but not been able to visit. Yet, there are many places about which you should know.

7. Ziro, India

The green patches and rice fields in Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh will leave you awestruck. The area is home to Apa tani tribe, a remote tribe which is exclusively found in this place. A great offbeat holiday location, Ziro is lately gaining popularity with local and foreign tourists.

Ziro, India

6. Northern Colombia Mountains

These mountain ranges were unexplored until recent and some scientists visited the region recently. The mountain range which is also known by the name of Yariguies Mountains has a new species by the name of Brush-Finch which was discovered only recently.

Northern Colombia Mountains

5. Greenland Ice caps

The largest island in the world, Greenland is the northern most country in the world. Over 80 percent of the country is covered by ice. The island covers an area of 8, 36, 00 square miles and yet only 56250 people live on this island.

Greenland Icecaps

4. Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

This is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. The peak is located at an altitude of 7570 meters and has not been climbed until date.

However, there have been four attempts to climb the peak but none succeeded. In 2004, Bhutan Government restricted any expedition to the peak due to religious significance.

Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

3. Amazon Rainforest, South Africa

Half of the rain forest in world lies in South Africa covering an area of 2.5 million sq million. The rainforest which is otherwise visited only be researchers is a rich biodiversity hotspot with animals like poison dart frogs, anaconda and black caiman present.

Amazon Rainforest, South Africa

2. Antarctica

Antarctica is credited to be the coldest place on Earth. The climate is extremely harsh in Antarctica as the temperature here varies from -10 degree to -30 degree Celsius.

This harsh climatic condition makes Antarctica to be least visited place on Earth and only research expeditions visit the place. Numerous hazards will encounter those who chose to visit Antarctica including glaciers, crevices and unexpected heavy snowfall.


1. Central Range, New Guinea

The central range in New Guinea is a protected area since it has been included in National Park area in New Guinea. Nature lovers will have a lot to explore here since the region in rich in flora and fauna.

Central Range, New Guinea

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