Some Relationship Advice For Men!

Some Relationship Advice For Men

If you have had a rough patch of relationships in past and have not had many people who could share their experiences or advice you on what to do, or even if you think you have just met the women of your dreams here are some tips that will definitely make you win her heart instantaneously and will keep the relationship going for long term.

1. Go for a women you think of being out of your league. You will never know which league you are in.Some Relationship Advice For Men

2. Never have sex with anyone who does not want it as much as you do.

3. Never take her to a movie on the first date.Some Relationship Advice For Men

4. Always look her in the eye when you talk, unless you are driving.

5. Compliment her shoes, her hairstyle or anything that looks good.Some Relationship Advice For Men

6. Do not be too conscious of your body language. Being Natural is the best.

7. Never Shout at her. No matter what! Shouting will only make matters worse.Some Relationship Advice For Men

8. Women find Confidence Sexy.

9. Nice guys do not finish last, boring guys do.Some Relationship Advice For Men

10. Ask More than you say. Most people like to talk about themselves.

11. Never reveal your salary till you decide to live with her. Whether it is low, high or very high, she does not needs to know it. If she wants to, you are with the wrong girl.

Some Relationship Advice For Men

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