Some Lesser Known Football Rules!

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I was watching a local club football/soccer(as per your geographical location) match with a friend who is a certified referee and we had a long discussion about a goal that I felt was wrongly awarded, though I proved him wrong with help of Google and Wikipedia but I was amazed how certified referee also does not have full knowledge of what is legitimate and what is not. While looking for it I found few more bizarre and partly logical rules which might not be known to many. Here is a list:

1. If the ball is moving towards goal and there is no way any player can stop it but an external object, such as a dog, streakers, some other balls, bottles, intervenes and stops the goal however close the ball might be to the goal a goal can not be awarded.

2. If a foreign object, lets again take the same list a dog, streakers, some other balls, bottles, intervenes the game even to the extent that it prevents or assists a goal being scored and referee somehow does not notice it, the play continues. Eg Darren Bent’s kick was directed into Goal after hitting a beach ball and led to Sunderland defeating Liverpool.

3. A substitute cannot take a corner or a throw-in to restart the match.
This is one that a lot of people might be aware of but still I get a lot of questions regarding this. A substitution is only made when the ball is out of play while a throw-in or corner is also done from outside of the line. Technically, till the time ball does not come into play the substituted player is not counted as on and if he takes the corner or free kick it means a player who is not playing is taking this shot.

4. During a penalty spot-kick in regular time, a player can slightly kick the ball following which any other player can come and take the kick towards goal provided the ball has taken 1 full rotation.

5. If one takes a free kick into their own goal the opponents will be given a corner.
An own goal is not allowed from any kick/throw that is supposed to resume the game like corner kick, free kick, throw-in, goal kick or penalty kick. But if the ball is sent into the net, technically the ball crossed the goal line and defending team made the last touch. Hence, corner kick is awarded.

football rules6. If one shoots and the ball bursts, goes flat or loses a piece of padding during play a drop ball is done, if the ball reaches the net, the goal is disallowed. If this happens in a penalty kick, the penalty has to be taken again.

7. Till the time a person does not leave the game he can be booked pretty much anywhere. This means a player can be booked even if he is a substitute yet to join.

8. A team has to play the game with a minimum of 7 players during each starts/re starts. If 5 on field players of one team are red-carded in one match, the match is considered to be forfeited.

9. No one is allowed to hold the ball between their feet or thighs and carry it from one point to another.

10. If a footballer removes his jersey in post goal celebration, he removes an automatic Yellow card, if he has received a yellow card already, he is sent of due to dual yellow.

11. If a player starts bleeding during the game he must leave the pitch immediately. He has to take proper medication and can return to the pitch only when he stops bleeding. If his jersey is stained with blood he has to change it and then only can he return to the field.

12. The match can be declared invalid and replayed if it is discovered that the referee has made a technical mistake.

13. Offside foul is not given if one defensive player is between the concerned striker and the offensive goal but two. We consider it as one in general because one is the goalkeeper who is present there in most of the cases. In rare cases when the goal keeper has moved ahead at least two defenders need to be there in between the attacking player and the goal.

14. A player who is behind the ball cannot be given offside.

15. The number of players allowed in penalty shootout must be equal for both sides. That is, if one of the players is sent off from one team, the other team has to rest one player during the penalty shoot outs.
At first it may seem as a advantageous to the team which had one player sent off which is unfair but on the contrary this is quite a thoughtful rule in the event if 11 kickers might be needed in a shootout, where if one team has the worst kicker sent off before the play ends, then the worst Penalty kicker of one team will be against the first penalty kicker of the team which has one less player.


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