Some Interesting Geographical Facts!

Istanbul lies in 2 countries

World is an interesting place to live. There are numerous interesting things in the world. From flora to fauna, the land and the sea everything has so much to surprise us. Here we share some geographic facts which many of us would have no clue about. These might change your perspective about geography.

14. Vatican City with an area of 0.44 kilometer square is the smallest nation in the world.Some Interesting Geographical Facts! - Vatican City

13. Canada has 561 lakes which cover 9% of its area which freshwater lakes.

12. While Everest is the highest peak but a bulge near the Equator has made Chimborazo in Ecuador to be closest to the moon.

11. China which is the third largest country in the world shares border with 14 countries.

10. The shortest name of a place is A. This place is situated both in Norway and Sweden.shortest names of a place A9. Of the 25 highest peaks in the world, 19 are in the Himalayas.

8. Nauru which is an island located in Pacific Ocean has no official capital. Its government offices are however situated in Yaren.

7. Manhattan has 43 buildings which have their own zip code.

6. Distance between USA and Russia is only 3.8 km at some places. Bering Strait joins parts of Russia with Little Diomede. This island is a part of United States of America. Bering Strait5. The real name of Rome is Roma and every continent has a similar name place. You will find Roma in Texas and Queensland, Australia among other places.

4. Situated in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, Sargasso Sea has no coastline since it is surrounded by different water bodies on all its edges.

3. Istanbul in Turkey is the only city which is located over two continents.Istanbul lies in 2 countries2. The smallest island which has the status of a country is Pitcairn.

1. 90 percent of the world’s population lives in Northern Hemisphere.

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