Snake Wine!

Snake wine

Snake wine(Picture Courtesy:

Wine as we know is an alcoholic beverage prepared by fermentation of fruit juices or berries. In many countries and cultures it is traditionally taken along with dinner. Many of us know about the various types of wine i.e. Red wine, White wine followed by a little less common Rose wine, Fortified wine, Port wine and so on

Coming to the topic of discussion for today, Have you ever heard about “Snake Wine”? If you have you are a part of a very few people who have, if you have not we will give you some insights. Snake wine is quite an uncommon type of wine which is mainly found in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc. As the name suggests this wine is prepared using Snake but that’s not the surprising part, how it is prepared and served is even more surprising. The history of discovery of this beverage is related to the healing medical benefits of snakes. The very first snake wine has been recorded to be used in China.

Snake wine

Snake wine(Picture Courtesy:

Snake wine is prepared by infusing a whole snake or its body parts in rice wine or grain alcohol in any closed bottle for a period of some months. Depending on the process of preparing it is majorly classified in two verities namely: Steeped and Mixed. To prepare steeped snake wine, large venomous snakes are placed into a glass jar of rice wine with some medical herbs then the whole arrangement is left steeping for months. We can even use smaller venoms as well. When prepared it can be consumed in small shots. For mixed snake wine, the body fluids of snakes are mixed into wine and can be consumed immediately as shots.

There is another form called as snake blood wine which is prepared by directly mixing the snake’s blood in rice wine or grain alcohol. To get the blood of a snake, it is sliced along its belly.

If you are a bit confused thinking that a snake, whose bite is fatal for humans , would be dangerous for our body if anyone drinks the wine which will be containing whole of the poison along with the snake, RELAX. This wine, rather than being a threat to our health, is in fact full of medical benefits as the poison becomes neutralized by the alcohol and the only thing that remains is the medical benefits. Snake wines are known as natural medicine for problems like back pain, rheumatism, lumbago and other health conditions. Snake wine can remain effective for thousands of years and it is thought to increase male virility.

Soon after snake wine followed the scorpion vodka and over the years quite few a few other venomous insects and reptiles have been used to make these highly intoxicating drinks. As it is available in very few countries, it is quite costly. It also has very high alcohol content and should be consumed in small shots and not as a regular drink.

Snake Wine

Snake wine (Picture Courtesy:

Let us know which is the costliest and/or weirdest type of wine you have ever tasted.

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