Six Uses Of Foursquare Which Makes It Awesome!

hidden features of foursquare plan future trips

Foursquare has split its user experience into two apps in May 2014. The Foursquare team has launched an app named Swarm that help people “keep up and meet up” by checking into places, and making plans with those who are nearby. Here is a list of six productive uses for Foursquare you may not have known.

1. Make To-Do Lists.

hidden features of foursquare to do-list

One can keep a track of errands and places one needs to go on Foursquare with the help of make-to-do lists.
To-do-list feature on Foursquare helps you keep a track of your errands rather than just keeping the lists of cool spots one wants to ry.
You can go to your profile tab and by tapping “To-Do List” one can view his to-do list. Simply tap the “Save” button and select “To-Do List” to add places. Only your Foursquare friends can see your to-do list whereas other lists can be seen by the public.
To remove a place from your list, go to the place on the list, swipe to the left and tap the red “X.”

2. Find Free Wi-Fi.

hidden features of foursquare search free wifi

To find nearby places where search you can get online “free Wi-Fi” on Foursquare so that you can get online.
Searching for free Wi-Fi can be a hassle, instead of wasting time and waiting for your phone to connect to an unlocked network, type in “free wifi” into the Foursquare search bar and it will automatically show the places nearby where you can get online. Also read for some tips at specific businesses to look for Wi-Fi passwords.

3. Search Your Past Check-Ins.

hidden features of foursquare check-in-history

History page on Foursquare’s desktop site helps you keep a track of your past check-ins. Foursquare can be used as a valuable handy tool in case if one need to recommend places to a friend or to decide where to go out or if you forget the names of restaurants you want to go back to.
To view history of the locations you’ve visited log in to Foursquare on your desktop, click on the downward arrow at the top right corner and select “History.” You’ll be able to see your past check-ins in order of months and years.
Using an IFTTT recipe to add all new check-ins to Google Calendar or a Drive spreadsheet is a more advanced way to log your check-ins.

4. Find Power Outlets.

hidden features of foursquare power outlets

In case the battery of our phone is about to die, just find a place nearby with power outlets.
If you have left your charger at home and your phone is about to die out, needn’t worry you can just make a quick search by typing the word “outlets” into the search bar.

5. Plan Your Next Trip.

hidden features of foursquare plan future trips

You can plan your next trip by creating your own list of places to go. You can also build a virtual tour or bucket list by creating a list on Foursquare whenever you go out of town. One can also find travel recommendations from friends’, tips from brands and organizations who share their own suggestions and lists.
And if you are new to the place do check out Community Lists to find what the locals enjoy.
Go to the location, tap “Save” and select “Create a new list” to create a new list. Type the title of your list and keep in mind that the lists created by you are visible to public.
You can choose to view the locations plotted out on a map once you have created your lists and you’ll be ready to explore.

6. Find Deals And Motivation.

hidden features of foursquare find deals

Seeing the fascinating deals one gets motivated to get out of the house.
Not only can you discover new places with Foursquare, but also find motivation to actually go to these new places.
Take some time about 5 minutes or so and scroll down the app to see to find out something that you might be wanting to visit that your friends have checked into, which has a special deal you want to take advantage of.
Tap the “Browse Nearby” field at the top of the app and select “Specials” to search particularly for “Specials”

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